Counterfeit Mobile Game Genshin Impact: Another Copycat Emerges

Counterfeit mobile game Genshin Impact appears

Have you ever witnessed the storm of controversy surrounding the release of Genshin Impact? The game was accused of plagiarizing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and faced severe backlash. Players went as far as smashing their PS4 consoles to protest Sony’s involvement with the game during the Chinajoy 2019 showcase. Now, brace yourselves, because another mobile game that closely resembles Genshin Impact has entered the scene.

The Legend of Neverland: A Familiar Setting and Characters

Despite the initial criticisms, Genshin Impact proved itself to be more than a mere imitation. Its stunning graphics and captivating gameplay won over countless players, making it one of the most popular mobile games in recent history. However, a game called The Legend of Neverland has recently caught the attention of gamers.

According to players, The Legend of Neverland not only shares an almost identical setting and character design with Genshin Impact but also features several unmistakably similar locations. Some players claim that even 40 of their friends initially mistook The Legend of Neverland for Genshin Impact. The similarities are hard to ignore.

The Legend of Neverland (left) and Genshin Impact (right)
The Legend of Neverland (left) and Genshin Impact (right)

Blatant Similarities and Copyright Concerns

Upon closer examination, it becomes apparent that The Legend of Neverland’s promotional images bear striking resemblances to Genshin Impact. Not only that, but the game’s name is also designed and presented in the same fashion as miHoYo’s masterpiece. This raises concerns of copyright infringement, potentially tarnishing Genshin Impact’s reputation and revenue. Action needs to be taken swiftly and legally to address this matter.

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Counterfeit mobile game Genshin Impact appears


The emergence of The Legend of Neverland, a game bearing such close resemblance to Genshin Impact, has reignited the discussions surrounding plagiarism in the gaming industry. As players, we hope that the developers swiftly address these concerns and take necessary legal actions to safeguard the integrity of Genshin Impact. In the end, originality should be rewarded, and copycats should be held accountable.

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