Crazy Cool Black Hair Look of “Invincible Mikey” in Tokyo Revengers

Crazy cool black hair look of "Invincible Mikey" in Tokyo Revengers

After a series of pandemic-related delays, the live-action film adaptation of the popular manga Tokyo Revengers finally premiered in Japan on July 9. Within just three days, it amassed an impressive revenue of 700 million. Aside from its gripping storyline, one of the reasons for the movie’s success lies in its exceptional cast. The live-action Tokyo Revengers surprised fans by faithfully reproducing the original manga’s character designs. The film crew’s attention to detail in casting and character creation undoubtedly contributed to a job well done.

A Synopsis of Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers follows the story of Takemichi, an unemployed young man who resides in a shabby apartment. Determined to alter the future, he travels back in time to save his only girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana. Takemichi finds himself back in his high school days and embarks on a mission to prevent the formation of one of Tokyo’s most violent gangs.

Hinata’s tragic fate is intertwined with the notorious Toman gang, led by none other than Mikey, also known as “Invincible Mikey,” brilliantly portrayed by Ryo Yoshizawa. The initial reveal of Mikey sporting long white hair didn’t receive much attention. However, it was the subsequent release of an image showcasing Mikey’s short black hair and a stylish tattoo on his neck that truly captivated audiences. Beauty and charisma emanated from Mikey, much like a soaring kite riding the wind.

In Vietnam, fans of Tokyo Revengers are also going wild over Mikey’s remarkable transformation:


Despite the recent release of the live-action Tokyo Revengers, it has already made a resounding impact on the Japanese market. Let us hope that this success paves the way for a second installment.

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The live-action adaptation of Tokyo Revengers has taken the world by storm, with fans embracing the mesmerizing portrayal of “Invincible Mikey” by Ryo Yoshizawa. The film’s faithful reproduction of the manga’s character designs has contributed to its overwhelming success. As we eagerly await the potential sequel, let us revel in the electric atmosphere created by the crazy cool black hair look of “Invincible Mikey” in Tokyo Revengers.

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