Crisis Core Reunion: How To Win Squats Mini Game

Crisis Core Reunion: How To Win Squats Mini Game
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Shinra’s Squat Championship is one of the physical tests in the game that can be won by performing Squats in the Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion. It is one of the hardest mini-games but the rewards that come with it are definitely worth it. You will be able to play the mini-game when you complete Chapter 5.

After completing the Squat championship you will be able to get the Bronze Trophy for it and then ultimately get the Flower Wagon Trophy in chapter 8 since the rewards of the mini-game are one of the items to make the flower wagon.

Key Highlights

  • Performing squats against different opponents is one of the mini-games in Crisis Core Final Fantasy Reunion called Quads of Steel.
  • The mini-game can be accessed by going to the Soldier Floor in Shinra HQ after reaching Chapter 5.
  • There are four opponents, Shinra Trooper, Shinra Captain, Soldier 3rd Class, and Soldier Second Class.
  • It is important to press the dedicated action button on your console to perform the squat at the right time to win the match.
  • After completing the mini-game, players will get a bronze trophy along with Shinra Lunch Cart Specs, Ceramic, Treads, and Solder.

How To Win The Squat Championship

Before we take a look at how to complete the mini-game in the best possible way it is important to know the basics of Squats and how to unlock the mini-game in Crisis Core. The mini-game is called Quads Of Steel and you will be able to access the mini-game by completing Chapter 5.

Squats Mini Game in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion
Squat Mini Game (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

The mini-game can be played in the Shinra Building in the training room and you will need to talk to the researcher in order to access it. It is important to defeat Bahamut Fury before the mini-game. There are four different opponents that you will be facing so be prepared for each of them.

Unlocking Quad Of Steel Mini Game

The Quad Of Steel mini-game will become available to players when they complete Chapter 5 of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion. All you need to do is talk to the researcher found on the Soldier Floor of the Shinra building in order to gain access to the mini-game.

After you go into the training room and talk to the researcher about the physical fitness test, you need to select the option Let Me In It in order to start the mini-game. The rules of the game are simple, you just need to defeat all four opponents in an individual match with each, and perform the most squats to win the game.

It is important to clear all the side quests and mini-games in chapter 5 before you leave for Nibelheim in Chapter 9. The reason for this is that once you leave, you will not be able to return to the Shinra building after departing from Midgar in Crisis Core.

If you don’t want to be one of the players that end up losing a lot of rewards by missing out on mini-games, then it is important that you clear every single minigame and sidequest before you leave Midgar. Furthermore, there are a lot of rewards on the farm from the mini-game that is required to gain another Trophy and complete a quest called the Flower Wagon Quest in Crisis Core.

Therefore, the Quad Of Steel mini-game is important if you want to unlock two trophies in the game called Shinra Squats Champion which is a bronze trophy, and Midgar Full Of Flowers which is a silver trophy in the game.

Mechanics Of The Game

The timing of the squat matters a lot here, and depending upon the platform you are playing the game on, the button to perform a Squat is different.

Here are different buttons you will need to press on different platforms to perform a Squat.

  • If you are playing on the switch, press X
  • For Xbox users, you need to press Y to perform a Squat.
  • For PS5 or PS4, pressing the triangle button will perform a Squat.
  • For PSP, the cross button will allow you to perform a Squat in the Mini game.

With each opponent, the Squats will get faster and harder to perform. You need to get the timing just right and outperform your opponent in order to win the game.

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If you are playing on modern platforms like PS5 or Xbox, then your controller will vibrate when you perform a Squat correctly and the timing is perfect. If you are playing Crisis Core on PSP, then you won’t get this option however, vibrations are not at all necessary for this mini-game to time your squats right.

You need to press the button only when Zack’s arms are stretched far behind him and he is about to hit the bottom. If you press multiple times, then it will just reset the Squat and you won’t get any points. If you miss then it will also reset the squat and Zack will get slower each time.

This will really affect the number of Squats that you can perform in each time frame. Therefore, it is important to make fewer mistakes to perform more Squats against your enemy. It is also important to focus on the camera angle when performing a Squat. Below you will see all the opponents that you will be facing in this mini-game and how to counter each one effectively.

First Match

In your first match, you will be up against a Trooper. The first match is fairly easy to win and you only need to land a few Squats in order to win the game. Still, you need to land successful Squats in order to perform the required amount of Squats in the given time frame otherwise you will lose in the first match of the game.

Squat competition
Match against Trooper (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

The first match is also a good way to practice for your upcoming matches, which will be fairly harder. So when you first join the match and perform Squats you are bound to land a few wrong ones before perfecting it. So you don’t need to worry in case you are losing.

Take this as practice, and keep on performing Squats until you get the hang of it. After a lot of trial and error and lagging behind the opponent, you will be able to get used to the mechanism and be able to land the Squats perfectly. Since you will be up against a trooper, he will make a lot of mistakes as well.


On average, he will perform a wrong squat after every 3 or 4 squats. This will be your opportunity to leave the opponent behind by performing them in the right time frame. Even if you land a few wrong ones you will be able to catch up to him quite easily and beat him in the competition. A great way to win against a trooper is to press the button on your controller to perform only when Zack ducks down.

Another indication is to press the button when both the hands and the sword line up against each other. We found that these two time frames are the best to press the button and have the highest chances of landing the Squat correctly in the game.

Doing so will allow you to perform a lot of squats in a row and leave your enemy behind. Another thing that the players can keep in mind is to keep pressing the action button even if the timer runs out. This will give you a chance to get some extra squats in before the match ends. After winning the match against the trooper you will be able to get the Shinra Lunch Cart Specs.

Second Match

In the second match of the quad of steel mini-game, you will be up against the Captain. Now even if it’s just the second match you need to keep in mind that the captain is actually quite skilled in doing Squats. Therefore, he can give you a tough time if you miss a lot of Squats in the game. At first, you should not be surprised if you start lagging behind the captain when you are just a few seconds into the match.

Match against Captain (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

All you need to do is avoid making any mistakes and try to catch up to the captain as fast as possible. We recommend that you try to press the button on your controller the arms of Zack swing back, and his hands and feet line up. You also need to make sure that you get that time frames are just right otherwise, you will not be able to win that trophy.

The best part about the second match of the championship is that Zack will perform a few extra Squats on his own where you don’t have to press any buttons. He will perform the extra squats during a cutscene, where he will pump up and regain his stamina.

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Therefore, you will be able to get a nice boost during the cut scene. After the cut scene ends, you need to quickly press the button on your controller at the right time in order to catch up with the captain. After winning the second match against the captain, you will get Shinra Ceramic as a reward. You will also need this item to construct the flower wagon.

Third Match

By the time you reach the 3rd match of the game, the difficulty level will significantly increase. However, by now you will also have a great hold over the squat mechanism and will be able to avoid mistakes better than before.

Soldier Opponent
Match against 3rd Class Soldier (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

In the 3rd match, you will be up against a 3rd Class Soldier in Crisis Core. You just need to follow the tips we have mentioned above and you will get through the match quite easily. You will need to perform a lot of squats in the 3rd match and the difficulty level will also be high.

One wrong move will allow your opponent to leave you behind and ultimately you will lose. Therefore try to avoid making any mistakes in the 3rd match so you will be able to progress further. After winning the 3rd match you will get Shinra Treads as a reward.

Final Match

In your final match, you will be against a Soldier Of Second Class who is quite skillful and the difficulty level in this match will be the highest. You will need to perform around 55 Squats against them in order to win the match.

Winning the Squats Mini Game in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion
Match Against 2nd class Soldier (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

After winning the final match, you will not only receive the bronze trophy but also the Shinra soldier. After the final match, you will complete the mini-game successfully and be able to progress further and again. Below are a few tips to keep in mind when performing Squats.

Tips For The Mini Game

By keeping in mind the tips we have mentioned below, you will be able to win the mini-game quite easily without a lot of tries.

Don’t Worry About The Remaining Time

if you focus too much on the time left to complete the match, you will start to make more mistakes while performing Squats. Many players try to press the action button quite fast by the end of the match. Due to this, you will miss a lot of squats and eventually lose.

Squats Mini Game in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion
Final Reward (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

Timing is very crucial in this mini-game. therefore, it is important to always focus on the rhythm instead of the time left if you want to nail quads of steel.

Press The Action Button At The Right Time

Another tip is to press the action button before you fully crouch. you will just have a minute to land as many Squats as possible against your opponent; therefore, it is important not to miss any.

Focus on their arms of Zack, and as soon as they are completely swinging forward and he is in a proper Squat position, press the action button. By getting the time frames right, you will be able to land Squats successfully without any failures.

Speeding Up After 5 Squats

Fortunately for the players, if you perform 5 perfect squats in a row, then the speed of your Squats will increase in the Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion. Therefore, you will be able to land more Squats in a shorter time period and leave your opponent behind in no time.

boosts in Squats Mini Game in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion
Boost in squats (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

However, if you fail to do so or you take too long to perform a Squat, then the pace of your Squats will reset and you will start performing Squats at your initial speed.

Doing so will allow not only the opponent to catch up to you quickly but in many cases leave you behind. So it is important to understand the rhythm and general handling of the game if you want to succeed in it.

Summing It Up

With this, we conclude our detailed guide on Squats in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion and how to win the Quads Of Steel mini-game to unlock the Bronze Trophy in Crisis Core. Before leaving our page we recommend checking out our other guides like how to get the Black Cowl in Crisis Core. Also, we have explained in detail how you can get all summons in the game to help ease your future battles.

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