Cross-platform Slash ARPG is open for pre-registration

Cross-platform Slash ARPG is open for pre-registration

LINE Games Corporation announced that its cross-platform hack-slash ARPG is open for pre-registration. UNDECEMBER will be released in Korea on January 13 and abroad in early 2022. Global players can now pre-register on CH Play and the game’s official Steam page.

UNDECEMBER is set in a dark fantasy world called Traum. Here, players will embark on a journey to prevent the rebirth of Evil God Serpens and destroy hordes of fearsome monsters. The game allows players to break away from the traditional RPG character class system by allowing them to build and customize characters to their own play style through crafting, collecting a variety of equipment, and combining Rune skills.

In addition to story mode, UNDECEMBER also offers rich multiplayer content, including cooperative modes such as Chaos Dungeon, Raid, Spire of Barrier (defense mode), Crusade of Glory (PvP) and War Clan wars through updates. Like many other F2P games on the market, UNDECEMBER will be releasing a battle pass that offers valuable in-game items while introducing skins and other nifty features. The game will be released on mobile (iOS, AOS) and PC (Steam) with cross-platform features and optimized UI and control support for each platform.


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