Cyberpunk 2077 takes players through space into the future

Cyberpunk 2077 trở lại với đồ hoạ siêu chiến

The President’s “Super War” Return”cyberpunk 2077” on the playing field. No doubt! cyberpunk 2077 is the “whirlwind” of PC role-playing games “real goods” for most gamers.

Cyberpunk 2077: “Blockbuster” wins players over with a simulated future.

Experimenting with countless different builds, but the heat of this offline PC game still shows no sign of abating!

Continuing the strong influence of the action role-playing game series, the “father” of cyberpunk 2077 has launched this potential product for gamers.

Cyberpunk 2077 builds against the backdrop of a world in 2077, where humans can master life and death, ushering the world into a new era.

For example, the appearance of technological machines with the function of controlling the life of a human. Specifically, this type of technology will be implanted in every part of the body, in order to maintain a long life, capable of reaching the realm of immortality.

Cyberpunk 2077 returns with super battle graphicscyberpunk 2077 Build a surreal city scene

Cyberpunk 2077: players take on the role of “mercenaries”

The character that the player will play is a mercenary, a young man who has the courage and desire to possess the other optimal technology. The guy’s task is to do everything possible to get the other super item from the government in the Dark City.

Whether he broke the law, evaded the law, or somehow this guy didn’t give up his wish, this is a bit of a conservative personality trait, but he’s extremely combative, isn’t he?

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Cyberpunk 2077 returns with super battle graphicscyberpunk 2077 return to super battle graphics

Cyberpunk 2077: battle model.

cyberpunk 2077 Character creation with a distinctive first-person perspective, with dramatic context and sensational detail, delivering a realistic player experience.

Each task is also clearly assigned, with a variety of levels for players to complete without fear of getting bored. Come to cyberpunk 2077Players will role play different professions, shooting, hacker, thief, etc. all available in Cyberpunk.

After each completion of their tasks, players will receive skill points in the system. You can take advantage of this to improve your abilities and help this character’s personality points higher, such as becoming more agile, intelligent and responsive, for example.

Cyberpunk 2077 returns with super battle graphicscyberpunk 2077 return to super battle graphics

Players are also provided with extremely diverse weapons with separate functions to help them during the battle, helping everyone to make the most of sniper tactics to destroy the enemy.

Usually the katana sword, which can take down anything in a second! This product belongs to the melee weapon in the system.

The investment in graphics and sound is “terrible” in Cyberpunk 2077.

Originally tagged as “blockbuster action game” there is no reason for the graphical interface of cyberpunk 2077 can be trivial right guys? I swear it’s graphic cyberpunk 2077 It can only be described in two words: Masterpiece!

Cyberpunk 2077 returns with super battle graphicscyberpunk 2077 return to super battle graphics

The graphical context is built with pretty standard, sharp and harmonious colors, which overall makes the player feel extremely smooth and satisfied. According to the feelings of the players who have fought cyberpunk 2077 Everyone feels like they are in a real war.

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Touch operations, character interactions, controls or game movements are very smooth with no lag. Also, the sound of the system is also a great point in favor of this game. The sound quality is seriously invested, quality and professional, making your gaming moments more sublimated than ever!

Another small point that is also worth mentioning is the subtlety of the character design. The developer has implemented a personality setter for each character in cyberpunk 2077 to convey full cinematic quality in an action game.

Talk cyberpunk 2077 It’s a “blockbuster” that’s not bad!

Set to “fight” cyberpunk 2077 delicious.

OS: windows 10

Processor: Intel Core i7/AMD Ryzen 3


Graphic card: GTX 1050 6GB/ GTX 1660 Super/ Radeon RX 590

DirectX: version 12

empty capacity: 70GB

Cyberpunk 2077 returns with super battle graphicsCyberpunk 2077 simulation city

cyberpunk 2077 is the genre of offline action games, game Offline RPGs extremely exciting and suspenseful, it promises to bring the most valuable experience!

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