[Đánh giá Game] Redfall – “Spray bomb” by Arkane Studios

[Đánh giá Game] Redfall - "Spray bomb" by Arkane Studios

Redfall isn’t the biggest game developed by Microsoft, but it is an important one, a AAA title from Arkane Sudios, creators of Dishonored, Prey and Deathloop, fan-favorite superheroes and was even nominated for a GOTY award. Redfall is a chance for Arkane Sudios to challenge some new genres: co-op, loot collecting, open world, and vampires. Will they succeed? Let’s take a look at Gamehub’s reviews for Redfall from critics.

The new title from Arkane Studios received an average or lower score. Although it is a game on a large scale and made by a renowned studio, Redfall only scored 63 points on Metacritic and 64 points on OpenCritic. This number is much lower than previous Arkane games: Prey (82), Dishonored 1+2 (91, 88), Deathloop (89). Some have raised concerns about this new dramatic direction for Arkane, and they were right when Redfall was inundated with negative reviews.

Arkane tried to blend a new genre with their signature style, but the end result was a bloody mess. Redfall is not up to the usual Arkane standards. The game makes the experience feel too fast, sketchy, and unsatisfying to play. Redfall still gets a couple of scores of 7, 8, and 8.5, but the game’s popular scores of 4, 5, and 6 come from many major newspapers.

Here is a summary of the rating points for Redfall:

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