“Dark” Fairytale RPG Madtale Is Set To Land On Mobile Devices

"Dark" Fairytale RPG Madtale Is Set To Land On Mobile Devices

According to official information from developer Archosaur Games, the dark fantasy RPG game Madtale will be officially released on iOS and Android platforms on July 12. Players can begin pre-registration for the game starting on May 13.

By pre-registering with app stores like Google Play or the App Store, players have the chance to win prizes worth up to $199, including a limited Epic Champion: Queen of Magic Mirrors. After the game launches, players will also receive an additional 1024 free card draws and exclusive Epic General Snow White upon logging in for 7 days.

Pre-register now: https://madtalevn.onelink.me/7E21/x93l93oc

Outstanding Features of Madtale

Entering the world of fairies as a “scout”, the player will officially start an exciting journey with his companion, Little Red Hood. The engaging plot and simple yet equally engaging gameplay of Madtale promises to give players many different experiences for every journey.


Players can summon their favorite fairy companions from 6 factions with different backgrounds to complete quests with them. With 5 factions, 3 types and 9 character types to choose from, players will create thousands of squad combinations, suitable for the ever-changing strategy, enjoying endless fun in every game and battle.


As an Idle RPG title, Madle has quite a few convenient and easy-to-play features, such as a level sharing system, Affiliate Workshops, and exclusive weapons for each partner, allowing players to experience hands-free mode and upgrade all partners. at once.


The auto battle feature also allows players to build their team and wait for victory with a single touch. Even when you’re offline, you can collect rewards and come back at any time to claim them. With all the above advantages, Madtale will definitely be one of the Idle RPG titles worth experiencing in 2023.

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Pre-registration: https://madtalevn.onelink.me/7E21/x93l93oc
– Website: http://madtale.archosaur.com/
– Discord: https://discord.gg/McWfuXaSSu
– Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/madtaleglobal/

About Archosaur Games

Archosaur Games is a world famous game developer with many typical works such as Dragon Raja, Noah’s Heart and Life Makeover… Archosaur Games has asserted its strong ability to develop and publish games, receiving the love and trust of hundreds of millions of fans. players all over the world. .​