“Death Sentence” in Keria’s hand with the Thresh card

"Death Sentence" in Keria's hand with the Thresh card

Keria once again demonstrated her best professional skills in the Korean League of Legends arena.

T1 scored a resounding victory against a flying Dplus KIA in recent matches, snapping the team’s sixth winning streak and establishing a 12-match winning streak in the second leg.

(credit: LCK)

Faced with a macro perfect play without a single point, DK’s main house officially broke in the 26th minute, bringing victory for T1 in the first game. With a roster full of offensive champions, Caitlyn was left in the hands of Gumayusi and Keria once again had the opportunity to perform against Thresh, the game completely in the hands of T1.

Keria’s “Death Sentence” scythe successfully held the pair of Dplus KIA bots:

PROVIDED: Keria’s Thresh is always a delight 🍭 #LCK pic.twitter.com/ghDGuojzx0

-LCK (@LCK) March 16, 2023

Ryu “Keria” Minseok played extremely well with Thresh, earning all 1200 POG points at the top of the table. So far, Keria is the best performing support player in the 2023 season.

Interview of coach Bengi and T1 Keria with the media after the victory against Dplus KIA. (fountain: invent global)

Q. What made you win today?

Evening: It came from many factors, but we were able to win like this because the whole team focused on playing in the first half of the game and teamfights.

Dig: That’s because we have a better strategy. We have a “snowball” phase.

it was pretty smooth in game 1 but game 2 wasn’t, the match got a lot harder because DK’s bot pair was pretty strong at the time. Probably because (game 2) our top wing played better.

Snowball: Term used in MOBA games to describe gaining an early or mid-game advantage, thus accumulating resources and creating distance to overwhelm the opponent and win. . Q. It looks like Thresh didn’t get picked up much this spring. What do you think of this champion?

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I have a feeling Thresh would be the perfect choice today. We can’t focus on the details forever, our team still has to play in the playoffs.

Previously, Thresh was just a champion used to protect the ADC and create an early/mid game advantage. However, now that the cooldown has been reduced, Thresh is a fully stable champion throughout the game.

(credit: LCK) Q. You won first place in the POG with the highest score. This is the first time a support player has done this.


I feel happy about that. Hopefully there won’t be any support players competing, hopefully I’ll be the only one to win the title. Because?

Dig: Isn’t that cool? (laugh)


I think the MVP of the season will belong to one of the team members. Since I’m at the top of the POG score, I hope the MVP belongs to me too. Q. (To Bengi) In your opinion, if you had to choose the members of T1, which player would you choose to be the MVP?


If I had to pick one, it would be Keria.

(credit: LCK) The next T1 match will be a match between a team at the top of the standings and a rookie at the bottom, NS. Let’s hope that T1 gives its best in the last leg of the return to close the group stage with a perfect score. Congratulations T1 on a great performance!

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