Defending Champions Kingen and Zeka return home to HLE

Defending Champions Kingen and Zeka return home to HLE

Following in the footsteps of the genius marksman Viper, the defending champion kingen and zeka officially joined the HLE house.

The defending champion meets the genius gunner!

On November 25, after the infamous announcement that ADC Viper would continue to accompany HLE in 2023, recently, the big player in the League of Legends esorts industry officially announced two more Top and Mid positions for the LOL battle lineup in 2023. And the two players who won the 2022 world championship, top laner Hwang ‘Kingen’ Sunghoon and mid laner Kim ‘Zeka’ Geonwoo were officially named!

Kingen and Zeka’s grand finale

Kingen and Zeka had moments of intense competition and suspense in the LOL Worlds 2022 finals with a heavyweight opponent, T1. Faced with public speculation that the winning result will be completely in favor of T1, we find ourselves with a paradox that makes the entire audience take off their hats.

Top winger Kingen had a spectacular comeback against Aatrox, picking up what he had lost in the previous three games and leading his teammates to sweep the game.

kingen and zeka kingen top lane

Mid Laner Zeka is no less competitive with the upper calling team phase, collaborating with Kingen to turn the tide in suspicious ways.

Kingen and Zeka with XRDZeka mid lane

What stop for the champion Beryl before the invitations of the “big”?

League of Legends 2022 defending champion called the name DRX BeryLWhich house would Mr. BeryL be honored to join?

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There have been many rumors that with BeryL’s best performances in the Worlds 2022 final, this support player deserves to be included in the team with the most potential. And if, as expected from the fans, BeryL appears in the HLE support position, then this lineup will surely create a strong earthquake in the esports town! We are still sitting here and waiting for Mr. wibu!

HLE still hasn’t stopped being ambitious in 89 minutes!

The official HLE Twitter recently announced the Jungle – Support duo: clid and life officially joined the HLE common house, closing the final roster ready to fight for 2023.

Jungle Clid is a veteran player with extensive real-world experience, combining Support Life, a factor he continues to buff, and being a stable defensive wall for teammates. Perhaps after HLE’s losses this season, it seems that this rich man is trying to reinforce the squad and recover what he lost, promising to be one of the heavyweights of the next season.

welcome to the jungle - support duo from HLEwelcome to the jungle – support duo from HLE

After the first shot of handy older brother, the two brothers of the DRX family also followed in the footsteps of their brother who found a place to be ready to fight for 2023. Congratulations to the talented warriors who found a new home in the common home of HLE. Let’s wait for the sport News later in gamer blog Please!

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