Deft vs Faker at the start of the 2023 season after the Worlds 2022 final

Season Kickoff 2023

Start of season 2023 Recently, there was a ‘showmatch’ friendly match between captains Deft and Faker to win the right to choose teammates for their team in the next official match.

Season Kickoff 2023 event brings together two Deft – Faker players

Not long ago, Riot Games announced that the Season Kickoff event will officially replace the annual All-Star. According to the planned schedule, the event Start of season 2023 It will take place on January 10 and 11, 2023.

In a friendly match to select partners that took place on December 16, Faker and Deft were chosen to be the captains of the two teams in the Season Kickoff 2023 event. However, Faker had very funny jokes about camel humor in the game.

Start of season 2023Best friends Deft – Faker

Showmatch between Deft and Faker

Specifically, in the 1v1 solo with Deft, Faker had a lot of fun with Deft as the two battled intensely. Is the guy hitting the camel’s head to win?

Start of season 2023Start of season 2023

faker: Hyuk-kyu ahah.. (Deft’s real name)

Skilled: Hey?

faker: hyuk-kyu

Skilled: That?

faker: Congratulations world champion~

And then… not after that… Faker finished Deft in less than 2 minutes, painful to listen to… But the camel could only laugh because people were praising him for forgetting the way home. That’s a really easy camel!

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2023 Season Start List

faker given the right to pick his teammates first because Deft won in a friendly match, the starting lineup was headlined by Captain Faker.

Faker shared that he wanted to pick all mid laners to play on his team, but since the rules of the game didn’t allow him to, he opted to pick a good AD carry to keep the team bot lane. .

Faker lineup gathers hot stars

ABOVE: Black

JGL: Willer

HALF: faker

CDA: Snake

SP: Beryl

Start of season 2023Faker lineup

In Faker’s part, Brother Zeus confided in the player Dudu and told him to choose regardless of the reason, and Willer did so because he was quite close to Oner. In general, back and forth, the same family!

Before that, Beryl had told Deft that she did not want to participate in this event, and of course, Alpaca Camel agreed to this wish for Beryl to be free to gacha Genshin Impact.

However, people are not as good as heaven, choose Faker Beryl to defend his bot lane. As a result, despite not wanting to, Beryl has yet to compete in the inaugural 2023 season.

skillful camel formation

ABOVE: morgan

JGL: Because

HALF: Breeding

CDA: Skilled

SP: Pedro

Start of season 2023Skillful team lineup

A quick look at the new lineup Skilled As a captain, we can see that he has pampered his brothers when the selection criteria is simply because they are loved! How many brothers, the camels try to pick them all.

However, according to Deft’s part, the guy originally intended to pick Zeka to defend his team’s mid lane, but how could Faker choose to lose Viper, causing Deft to skip HLE? Thus, Chovy was the first member selected by Deft for the mid lane of the roster. I heard rumors, Chovy is pretty mad at his brother!

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Start of season 2023 it will officially start in early January 2023, promising to bring a lot of exciting things with this one-of-a-kind lineup, do you show the F or D button? Stay tuned with us for news about this match.

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