Demon Slayer – Unsolved Mysteries About the Black Sword Nhat Luan

Demon Slayer – Unsolved Mysteries About the Black Sword Nhat Luan

One of the details that is rarely mentioned in Anime and Manga but always attracts fans. Murderer of demons Emotion is the color of Nhat Luan Sword. Everyone knows that the Nhat Luan sword will reflect the person and strength of the owner through the color of the blade… For example, Zenitsu carries a yellow sword, Inosuke is gray, or Kyojuro is red. However, the main character of Demon Slayer, Tanjiro, has a deep black color, which is considered to be extremely rare in Demon Slayer lore and an unexplained omen.

Contrary to the idea that black brings bad luck to the user of the sword, an episode often revealed in Manga and Anime, the mystery surrounding this sword form hides many interesting things about its origin.

Basically, Nhat Luan Sword is made of Chi Hong Thiet Sa and Chi Hong Bao Thach with the ability to absorb sunlight at its peak. This feature allows Nhat Luan Sword to accumulate the essence of the sun and kill demons with ease. However, where most of the Nhat Luan sword wore prominent colors, Tanjiro’s sword shone a deep black, which history has only recorded twice.

There has never been a proper explanation for the black color of the Nhat Luan sword, especially the sword in Tanjiro’s hand. However, some theories suggest that it was its origin, that it was a titmouse, which more or less influenced the color of the sword. This explains why upon meeting the God of Fire, God of Bliss, inherited from his father, Tanjiro’s sword suddenly turned red, showing the power that was awakened within a black coal to become a hot ember. .


Yet another theory about the man who once wielded a black sword similar to Tanjiro was a legend of the Demon Slayer and the ancestor who gave rise to the Breath of the Sun, the source from which countless demon-slaying abilities spread to the world. … Next Generation. Therefore, the fact that Tanjiro wields a black sword promises him that he will be the next to be able to cast the Breath of the Sun and the one who will destroy the most powerful demonic forces.

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One interesting thing is that with the Demon Slayer concept, the image of a black sword, while a bad omen, is actually the color that best absorbs light and heat of all colors. Therefore, logically, they will give their owner the greatest strength to face the devil.

Furthermore, the rare nature of the sword also seems to partly represent Tanjiro’s very special destiny and purpose in life. There he, a demon slaying swordsman, carries a demon on his back, harboring the desire to transform his sister’s demonic body back into a human spirit. If such a rare image as a black Sun Wheel could appear, then Tanjiro’s demonization into a human would certainly come true.