Despising Pokémon Artist Sparks Outrage: The Downfall of the Million-Dollar Collector

Despising Pokémon Artist, Fans Cursed Million Dollar Collector to Death

Pokémon card fever has taken the world by storm in recent years, captivating fans from every corner of the globe. With transactions reaching hundreds of thousands of dollars, it’s no wonder that collectors like Gary “Pokémon King” Haase have garnered immense admiration.

At 67, Gary Haase proudly owns the world’s most expensive Charizard card game. Among his prized possessions is a card bearing the signature of Mitsuhiro Arita, the renowned Pokémon card game illustrator responsible for the coveted Charizard card.

However, an old video recently resurfaced, sending shockwaves through the Pokémon community. In the video, Gary belittled Mitsuhiro Arita, suggesting that the artist’s signature held no value in comparison to the card itself. He even insinuated that the signature could potentially harm the card’s worth, expressing relief that it was only on the cover and not directly on the card.

This derogatory statement sparked significant backlash from Pokémon fans worldwide. Many accused Gary of being solely interested in the monetary value of the cards, rather than appreciating their artistic significance. To honor Mitsuhiro Arita, fans began sharing images and stories of their favorite cards illustrated by the artist, using the hashtag #ThankYouMitsuhiroArita.

“You can never underestimate one of the most iconic Pokémon illustrators working today,” one fan expressed. “@MitsuhiroArita has created the most legendary and iconic works of art in Pokémon history. Thank you for everything. You are the god in this game.”

The artist’s Twitter feed quickly filled with heartfelt messages of gratitude from his loyal supporters. These messages not only served as a defense against Gary’s acerbic comments but also stood as a testament to Arita’s talent. Even after more than 20 years, he continues to create remarkable artwork that resonates with fans of all ages.

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Despite the controversy, Pokémon card fever remains unabated. The endless allure of these collectibles continues to captivate fans worldwide, and Mitsuhiro Arita’s artistry remains an essential part of that magic.

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