Dia1 changed its Korean rank nickname, publicly criticized former owner GAM extremely harshly

Dia1 changed its Korean rank nickname, publicly criticized former owner GAM extremely harshly

Since the VCS tournament is still postponed and no return date has been scheduled yet, to fill this gap, Vietnamese League of Legends fans have taken it as a new joy to monitor players’ progress in rising through the ranks. Unexpectedly, many people discovered that Dia1, a player from SBTC Esports, had changed the nickname of his Korean League of Legends server account to “VinhCS”, as a measure to publicly criticize and mock the former owner. Vinh.

The source of the incident must remember Dia’s one-year suspension from competition last May. The full text of the reason for the punishment of both Dia1 and SE manager Tu Cao, announced by VCS is: “During the meeting with GAM Esports manager Le Phu ”Dia1” Quy invited and introduced Mr. Cao Le Tuan Tu as representative. Mr. Tu also negotiated the content of Dia1 and GAM Esports’ contract at that time without GAM’s consent. Although VCS organizers have confirmed that the incident was clearly investigated, Dia1’s harsh punishment still angered a large number of fans.

Many sources believe that Mr. Nguyen Hoang Vinh, the former owner of GAM, once held a leadership role in the VCS Organizing Committee, so it is possible that this man may have taken advantage of his relationships and power so that VCS can impose sanctions that are beneficial to GAM. Many people have since lampooned the VCS award as “VinhCS” to emphasize the influence of this person.

Le Phu “Dia1” Quy.

After the sentence was announced, a number of insiders such as Dia1, Teacher Ba and Zeros publicly disagreed with the sentence and criticized the former owner GAM on the live broadcast, saying that he “played dirty”, using his connections to dominate the tournament. , suppressing talent,… However, the Dia1 ban still applies and this player will have to remain on the sidelines until May 2022.

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