Unlock the Thrills of New Game Plus: A Comprehensive Guide

Unlock the Thrills of New Game Plus: A Comprehensive Guide
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Have you ever wondered what lies beyond the final chapter of your favorite game? The DioField Chronicle has the answer – New Game Plus (NG+). This exciting feature allows you to start a fresh adventure, carrying over your hard-earned progress from your previous playthrough. In this guide, we’ll delve into how to unlock NG+, the perks it offers, and whether it’s the right choice for you.

How to Unlock New Game Plus

Complete the Game on Any Difficulty

To embark on a new journey in NG+, you must first conquer the game on any difficulty level. Once you’ve completed the story, the gates to NG+ swing wide open, beckoning you to explore further. Accessing NG+ is as simple as selecting it from the main menu.

File Marked CLEAR Required to Start

Upon finishing the game, make sure to save your endgame progress to a file slot. This file will be labeled with the cherished word “CLEAR,” symbolizing your triumph. It’s crucial not to delete this file, as it serves as the key to unlock NG+. Be cautious not to overwrite the “CLEAR” file with subsequent NG+ saves, as these will be marked with a ★ and cannot initiate a new NG+ file.

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What Carries Over in New Game Plus?

Upgrades and Items

As you step into NG+, you’ll be delighted to find that all upgrades to your characters and facilities, along with your precious items and equipment, persist. Character levels, Guld (money), attributes, skill tree progress, abilities, weapon development, Magilumic Orb research, unit rank and badge rank, playtime, and cutscenes in the library are all carried over. It’s a treasure trove of progress that ensures you won’t have to start from scratch. However, the unlocked characters and base facilities remain inaccessible until unlocked again, so assembling your dream team might take some time.

New Game Plus Rewards

No Rewards or Exclusive Trophies

Don’t expect lavish rewards or exclusive trophies for completing NG+. While a completed NG+ save file bears both the “CLEAR” mark and a ★, it doesn’t hold any special rewards. Moreover, there are no trophies or achievements tied specifically to NG+. Fortunately, there are no missable elements in the game, making NG+ entirely optional.

Should You Play New Game Plus?

Not Advantageous for Trophy Completion

While NG+ offers a few tempting incentives, it’s worth considering other options for trophy completion. It’s generally easier to accomplish all trophies on a completed save file rather than starting anew in NG+. Notably, bonus rewards from missions don’t carry over to NG+, which means you would have to redo numerous side missions to achieve the Legendary Tactician Trophy.

If your goal is 100% completion, NG+ may not be your best bet.

Get Multiple Exclusive Equipment

One allure of NG+ is the opportunity to obtain multiple pieces of exclusive equipment. These unique items, like the Blue Fox Emblem, can only be acquired once during the story. By replaying the game in NG+, you can amass an arsenal of these coveted pieces. What’s more, the passive abilities of these equipment pieces stack with themselves, allowing for thrilling experimentation and creative builds.

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Obtain More Rare Materials

Certain materials, such as Electrum, Orichalcum, and Jade Crystal, are exclusive rewards from quests or the shop, but a limited quantity is obtainable within a single playthrough. Engaging in NG+ grants you another chance to acquire these valuable resources and farm them effortlessly. Whether you’re a completionist or simply seeking an advantage, this opportunity will surely prove valuable.

Unlock Unit Rank 9 with Ease

While unlocking Unit Rank 9 is possible with just one playthrough, NG+ presents an effortless path to this achievement. During the story, there is no scaling up of Unit Rank, meaning early missions increase Unit Rank just as rapidly as later ones. We’ve observed that completing Chapter 1 of NG+ propelled us from Unit Rank 7 to Unit Rank 9 in no time. It’s an unmissable chance to maximize the potential of your units.

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Conclusion: New Horizons Await

Now that you’re armed with the knowledge of NG+, the decision is in your hands. While it may not be ideal for trophy completion, NG+ offers exciting opportunities to acquire exclusive equipment, obtain rare materials, and unlock Unit Rank 9 swiftly. Remember, The DioField Chronicle is the ultimate guide on your journey, providing all the tips and tricks you need. So, embark on your new adventure and captivate the fantasy within!

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