Discover the Most Valuable Steam Account Ever, Worth Over $6 Billion!

Discover the most expensive Steam account on the planet, valued at up to 6.4 billion

Have you ever wondered who owns the most expensive Steam account in the world? Prepare to be amazed! Thanks to Steamladder’s data, we now know that the most valuable Steam account currently holds a jaw-dropping value of $279,114 (approximately 6.4 billion VND).

The Secret Behind the St4ck Account’s Price Tag

The proud owner of this remarkable account goes by the nickname “St4ck.” What makes St4ck’s account so incredibly valuable isn’t the games they’ve purchased, but rather their impressive collection of badges. These badges are acquired by completing full sets of trading cards from various games or by collecting exclusive Steam items during sales.

You might think that investing so much time and money into collecting these badges is a waste, but St4ck’s account boasts an astonishing 6,500 badges, including 556 silver badges.

Breaking Down the Account’s Worth

The value of this extraordinary account is not solely determined by its badges. The cards, badges, and animated images alone amount to an impressive $242,881 (roughly 5.6 billion VND). In addition, St4ck has spent $35,995 (approximately 829 million VND) purchasing games, which, although seemingly dwarfed by their extensive badge collection, is still a substantial sum that only a few gamers can afford.

Not only does St4ck possess an awe-inspiring collection, but they also belong to the elite 0.1% of gamers who own the largest number of games worldwide. However, their playtime mainly revolves around a select few titles, such as CS:GO, H1Z1: King of the Hill, APB Reloaded, and The Elder Scroll Online.

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Unveiling the Mystery Around St4ck

Unfortunately, little is known about St4ck beyond their extraordinary Steam account. It has been discovered that they own a Twitter account adorned with a mascot image of a chimpanzee and a Steam Summer Sale 2017 badge. According to YouTuber McSkillet, St4ck might be a member of Qatar’s royal family. If this rumor holds true, it would explain why St4ck has invested such a significant amount into their Steam account.


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Now you have a glimpse into the world of the most expensive Steam account ever recorded. The dedication, time, and money invested in achieving such a remarkable collection truly set St4ck’s account apart. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll stumble upon a treasure trove of gaming achievements that will captivate the world!