The Exciting State of Divine Arms

The Exciting State of Divine Arms
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Welcome, dear fans of Divine Arms, to an exclusive update straight from the heart of development! Brace yourselves for some thrilling news that will make your gaming experience even more captivating than ever before. So, grab your virtual swords and get ready to dive into the world of Divine Arms like never before!

Unveiling Divine Arms Origins

Let’s clear up any confusion first. The updates you’ve been receiving are part of Divine Arms Origins, a side view battle system that has recently been referred to simply as Divine Arms. However, it’s important to note that this was just a temporary working title. The truth is, Divine Arms Origins was a collection of system candidates and puzzle pieces, all leading up to the grand vision of the top-down OG version of Divine Arms.

Rest assured, Divine Arms was never abandoned. In fact, it has been continuously in development since I became proficient enough to use Godot (there was even a Godot demo for it). And now, as we reach 1.8 on Divine Arms Origins, all these elements will finally be seamlessly integrated into the original Divine Arms experience.

Enhancements and Streamlining

Some elements will undergo enhancements and streamlining as we merge the two versions. The relics and equipment system, which you’ve come to know and love, will continue to shine in its intended form. However, some aspects, like the diablo-rando feature, may be scrapped to ensure a smooth and immersive gameplay experience. Fear not, though, as the exhilarating auto-spell barrages will remain intact!

The NPC’s and the Sacred Sisters will also play a pivotal role in the game, allowing you, the Outlander, to forge exciting alliances on your journey. Additionally, the sideview battle system and the mesmerizing flying island will maintain their place, originally designed for epic boss battles.

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When it comes to exploring interiors, the sideview interiors system will be implemented seamlessly for navigating houses and establishments, creating a truly immersive experience. And let’s not forget the impactful dialogue system and the tantalizing prisoner system, which will add depth and intrigue to Sigurd’s arc.

Heralding the Voice Acting and Lewd Scenes

Exciting times lie ahead! We plan to hire a talented female voice actor for Siggy, ensuring her presence truly shines in arc 2. While it would be fantastic to have a multitude of monster-girl varieties for Sigurd’s arc in act 1, the reality of budget constraints makes it a challenging endeavor. Nevertheless, the enticing lewd scenes you know and love will be streamlined to heighten the level of immersion. Brace yourselves, for Siggy will be ravished like never before!

Integration and Challenges Ahead

We are currently working on integrating new and returning assets to save time, ensuring smooth transitions between old and new elements. As we continue to convert the old assets for seamless usability, allow me to give you a glimpse of the scale of these changes. The new sprites have been upsized by over 300%, meaning some modifications to the old tiles are necessary, but rest assured, it will be worth the wait!

While we’re on the subject, let’s talk about what’s next on our to-do list. Merging the Origins prototype will be the easiest part, thanks to the future-proofing we’ve done. However, there are some current hurdles we’ve been diligently cracking for the past three weeks:

Enemy AI

The enemy AI system has been receiving special attention. While the Godot solution hasn’t quite clicked with our vision, we’ve been working tirelessly to streamline it and make it smarter than ever before. Speaking of AI, I avoid using mainstream AI tools in my games, but I do rely on Chat-Gpt to enhance my grammar. Although it can spit out some questionable responses, it provides valuable insights for correcting my “engrish.”

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Mastering the Art of Freeze

Remember Siggy’s impressive ability to freeze lakes and create bridges? Well, recreating that smoothly has proven to be quite the challenge. We’re determined to nail it, though, as this mechanic plays a crucial role in the early stages of the game. After all, what’s an epic adventure without a touch of icy magic?

Unveiling Naked Sprites

Prepare yourselves for an improved mechanic in Divine Arms! When Siggy gets hit in battle, she will temporarily lose her armor, rendering her vulnerable to S-Attacks from all enemies. To reflect this, we’ve meticulously crafted naked sprites and animations to enhance immersion. Rest assured, creating these naked sprites requires extra time and effort, as we’ve had to create armored versions for all actions. Currently, we’re missing a few sets, specifically the ones facing backward, but we’re working diligently to complete them.

Steadfast Progress and Future Plans

Every day brings us closer to unveiling the beta demo, which has been a labor of love and dedication. Rest assured, I am working tirelessly to ensure that Divine Arms exceeds your expectations. While it’s true that converting the game to Godot 4 will take additional time, we remain committed to delivering an exceptional gaming experience in Godot 3.

I want to take a moment to apologize for any confusion or lack of clarity in my previous announcements. This time, I wanted to approach the news in bite-sized portions, ensuring a steady flow of progress updates. It’s all part of creating a game that captures your imagination and keeps you eagerly anticipating what’s to come.

Before I conclude, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your continued support. It’s your enthusiasm that fuels my drive and motivates me to push the boundaries of Divine Arms. Rest assured, more news will be coming your way very soon, as we inch closer to the eagerly awaited beta demo.

So, my fellow warriors, hold tight to your swords and brace yourselves for the epic adventure that awaits us in Divine Arms. Together, let’s embark on a journey that will capture our hearts and captivate our souls.

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