Doan Van Hau – Typical Gen Z, shoulder to shoulder with Bruce Lee, continue the journey with VLTK MAX

Doan Van Hau - Typical Gen Z, shoulder to shoulder with Bruce Lee, continue the journey with VLTK MAX

From brilliant country boy to country soccer pride

Born into an era of strong social change with the development of the economy and technology, Generation Z is a dynamic generation with abundant creative capacity. Therefore, the Zoomers generation is sometimes labeled as dependent, not strong enough to cope with life’s difficulties. However, there is one character representing Generation Z who boldly shed those labels to show that he is a typical new age young man, overcoming all challenges and reaching the highest realm of spirit. God, it’s player Doan Van Hau.

From a very young age, Hau soon showed a passion for the ball. His childhood was associated with a plastic ball on his home field and it was his strong love for the beautiful game that the country boy shaped a young soccer talent both nationally and internationally.

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At the age of 11, the Hanoi T&T team discovered Doan Van Hau’s potential through his skillful technique and outstanding height. From there, he sparked a brilliant professional football career for himself. Hau continuously achieved many victories from the Thai Binh Province Jersey Youth Soccer Tournament to the Hanoi T&T Youth Training Center. He is also the youngest professional player to join the National Soccer Team. It can be seen that, with the spirit of constant learning and the dynamism of Gen Z, Doan Van Hau has made great leaps in his career from a very young age.

Not hesitating to overcome barriers to live with passion, Hau asked his family for permission to temporarily stay at the training center to facilitate soccer practice. Few people know that in order to be successful today, Gen Z players have to go through a process of hard work, they have to practice for hours on the field and endure a lot of pressure. Doan Van Hau has constantly pushed himself to push his own limits to reach a level of fluency.

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Not stopping there, the player born in 1999 remains ready to take on a new challenge by signing a loan deal with Dutch club Heerenveen. Van Hau also shows that he is a multi-talented Gen Z who is always actively “refreshing” himself. In addition to his football career, Hau was also involved in advertising activities and founded a personal fashion brand.

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Now at the pinnacle of glory at the age of 23, Doan Van Hau has become a symbol of the new Gen Z generation, the idol of many young Vietnamese. He has been spreading passion and positive energy to the community.

Accompanying the legend, writing a new journey

The will of the player Doan Van Hau makes fans more or less remember the immortal spirit of martial arts legend Bruce Lee. That is the spirit of two immortal sayings: “I fear not the man who has practiced a kick 10,000 times, but the man who has practiced a kick 10,000 times.” and “Live a life worth living, that’s the key to immortality“.

The intersection between martial arts master Bruce Lee and Gen Z gamer Doan Van Hau is elaborate. Whether it’s the pinnacle of martial arts, football, or any other field that requires meticulous work, it’s a challenging journey that only leaves traces of brave people behind. Doan Van Hau is a brilliant element, a “martial arts master” of the field with a firm attitude and determination to hone his skills and assert his personal identity. Those are also the qualities that help young gamers make a special mark and influence Generation Z.


It is no coincidence that Doan Van Hau became a brand ambassador, accompanying the image ambassador, martial arts master Bruce Lee, in the hit game Vo Lam Truyen Ky MAX. More importantly, wanting to dedicate his values ​​to the “standard” Gen Z community, Doan Van Hau helped Vo Lam Truyen Ky MAX deliver a meaningful message. His presence in upcoming projects and the career of many great martial artists who are passionate about martial arts will help spread the spirit of the game. That is the spirit of martial arts, constantly releasing inner strength and training yourself to reach the ultimate realm.

Vo Lam Truyen Ky MAX has continued the 17-year identity of the Vo Lam Truyen Ky game series, including familiar features that “touch people’s hearts.” In the spirit of constantly renewing itself, the game opens up for players a surreal world of unique MAX fencing MAX beautiful MAX with excellent graphics quality to provide a great experience. Vo Lam Truyen Ky MAX harmonizes the heritage and promotion of the quintessential iconic game series with finding your own path. The game is really a typical “Gen MAX” of the Vietnamese game village.

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Let’s do your best LIVE MAX with player Doan Van Hau in top MAX game unique MAX beautiful MAX Vo Lam Truyen Ky MAX.