Does Dead By Daylight Have Voice Chat? – Unveiling the Truth

Does Dead By Daylight Have Voice Chat? – Unveiling the Truth
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The realm of multiplayer gaming can be a fierce battleground, especially when voice chat is thrown into the mix. Games like BattleBit Remastered employ proximity chat to intensify the battles, but what about Dead by Daylight? In this asymmetrical multiplayer game, is there a place for voice chat? Can survivors coordinate their escape plans or revel in the screams of their downed enemies?

Is There Any Voice Chat In Dead By Daylight?

As much as it may be amusing to hear someone hurl expletives your way after skillfully outsmarting them, Dead by Daylight unfortunately does not offer any voice chat options. While there could be various reasons behind this decision, some potential downsides come to mind that could spoil the experience for players.

Sadly, the presence of toxic players is an ever-present concern in online games. Cursing survivors might bring initial amusement, but the novelty would quickly wear off. Moreover, if voice chat were available, survivors would be at risk of having their location exposed by unscrupulous players looking for salvation. Frankly, I would personally prioritize eliminating such individuals for resorting to dirty tactics.

Similarly, if proximity chat were introduced, toxic killers could become an issue. To prevent players from having to deal with unpleasant individuals, the developers made the decision to exclude voice chat altogether. However, if you’re playing with friends, you can easily set up a call on Discord or another platform to provide each other with the necessary assistance.

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Does Dead By Daylight Have Any Chat At All?

The availability of chat features depends on the platform you’re playing on. PC players have the option to communicate with fellow PC players through the small chat box that appears before and after a match. You can also send kudos to other players or report them for unsportsmanlike behavior, trolling, and more. Console players, however, do not have the ability to add comments. On the other hand, PC players can provide additional details or explain their reasons for reporting someone.

In my experience as a new Dead by Daylight player, I haven’t encountered much toxicity in the chat. However, I anticipate that this could change as I face higher-level killers and survivors. Thus far, the atmosphere has been pleasant, and I believe that introducing voice chat might undermine the overall experience, as emotions can run high in these types of games.

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