Doing all the housework with one hand, a gamer regrets that his wife won’t let him play the PS5

Doing all the housework with one hand, a gamer regrets that his wife won't let him play the PS5

In social networks there were many confidants about the distribution of time for family and the game of married players, many of whom shared that married men often find it difficult to play, the game is as comfortable as being single . The player story below is clear proof of that.

Recently, a player from Taiwan posted an article online with the title “If I could go back in time, I wouldn’t get married!”, complaining about the frustrations he suffers in married life. Last Saturday he took advantage of getting up early to do the housework, wash the dishes in the dishwasher, fold the clothes, prepare coffee for his wife… While the children were still awake, he lowered the curtains in the living room with the intention of enjoying himself. Ever playing PS5.

However, just as he was about to play, his wife suddenly came out and complained: “You closed the curtains this weekend, do you think you still live alone in a college dorm?” After listening, the player felt his heart breaking, he thought that he always fulfilled his duties as a husband and father, trying to earn money to buy a house, without spending his wife’s money, nor needing his wife to go to work. working hard, always sharing child care, teaching children to study with his wife, even most of the housework like cooking, washing dishes, cleaning is all he does, but he just wants to sit and play a while. …I received such a severe reprimand.


Below the player’s post, many people advise him to trust his wife to solve the problem; otherwise, she’ll never know why he’s upset. Others advised him to divorce immediately and return to a life of freedom and unrestricted. This player later said that he had a frank talk with his wife that night and everything was resolved. He thinks that nurturing a marriage isn’t easy, so he won’t rashly suggest divorce.

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