Dota 2 “makeover” in the New Frontiers update

Dota 2 "makeover" in the New Frontiers update

Valve recently released a major update for the MOBA game Dota 2. The New Frontiers update expanded the map and made major changes to gameplay, matchmaking, UI, and more.

Although the main objectives of the game have not changed much, the distance between the main roads remains the same and the capture objectives are still in the center, but the map has 40% more terrain, which means that players have Lots of places to gather resources.

More specifically, both main jungles have been reshuffled, forcing players to recalculate ward placement and monster breeding strategies. Roshan has increased health and spawns in two new caves in the northwest and southeast corners of the map. The map has two more portals near the easy lane turrets, allowing players to instantly teleport from one corner of the map to another.

The update adds a fourth champion tier called Universal. This is a bunch of champions with new core stats that take 0.6 bonus damage from every attribute of every attribute, from any system. New Frontiers also brings major balance changes and new items.

In the big update, Dota 2 gets a new matchmaking algorithm called Glicko. According to Valve, this algorithm will allow players to be matched “quickly and accurately” with other players of the same skill level. As for the UI, a ton of information related to the health bar has been overhauled, from health bar with shield, health bar to health cost. Readers can find more details about this important update. here.​

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