DRX Kingen brings the swordsman Aatrox to fight his way in Worlds 2022

Top Laner Kingen cùng đồng đội DRX

With Aatrox Swordsman in the 2022 World Cup, XRD King There were high-class fights against the T1 warrior Zeus, excellently bringing the MVP Finals title to the Blue Dragon!

The resounding victory of Top Laner Kingen in Worlds 2022

Entering Worlds 2022 with comfort, confidence and high teamwork, DRX played with a “nothing to lose” mentality, in turn going through five matches to seal the deal with the blow of road in kingen.

Kingen - a potential XRD playerPotential XDR Top Laner

Prior to the rumors that T1 would hold the 2022 championship title with the return of Demon King Faker, the Blue Dragon DRX responded with a “flip” phase like turning the hand that caused T1 to recline.

What made DRX create such a “reverse position”?

Top Laner Kingen and his DRX teammate win Worlds 2022DRX Champion at Worlds 2022

Aatrox shines with decisive play by Kingen

Aatrox Swordsman King scored in the last two games, successfully eliminating the 1-2 score in favor of T1. Share with the press, King saying:

“I feel that I have awakened my dueling prowess in games 4 and 5, if I didn’t play with such a strong posture, I might be beaten by the opponent at the table.”

Due to the gameplay with such a monstrous heart, King is one of the compelling factors that bring victory to the DRX family.

In the last two battles, Aatrox Swordsman It’s really a “horror story” for T1 when defeating T1’s generals is like turning their hands. Perhaps now T1’s biggest regret is not banning Aatrox, so that Kingen gets a chance to fully fight Zeus’s Gwen.

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Aatrox SwordsmanAatrox Swordsman

Going into the fourth game, the match gradually became more difficult and stressful than ever, as the swordsman Aatrox suddenly “turned into a beast” with a malicious attack strategy to defeat Gwen to the surprise of the radio audience. . No one expected that the Kingen from the previous three games and the Kingen from the last two games were actually the same person!

Kingen brought Aatrox to fight the opponent in a very brave and decisive manner, creating a spectacular performance at Worlds 2022. Not only did Top Laner bring a monster heart to compete, the youngster was also one of the formidable elements who held out to the last minute. of the party

Winning the championship at Worlds 2022 with the MVP Finals title is fully deserved by the efforts of DRX Kingen!

King He is a potential player at a very young age. Although he has been participating in the LCK for 5 years, this player has not received high praise from the esports community. However, after the battle of T1 Zeus’ flying kick god Gwen to the roost, maybe the esports brothers need to rethink this.

“Those who doubt are usually losers, that’s why I play decisively” – King share.

For the first time in his League of Legends career, King She wrote her own record with the title of champion and final MVP at the 22-year milestone.

DRX Kingen shines at 22XRD King shine at 22

Once again, congratulations to warrior Kingen and the DRX team for their best efforts at Worlds 2022. This year’s spectacular LCK victory is a shining mark in the LoL community.

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