DRX officially announced the new roster, Beryl still occupies Blue Dragon’s bottom line!

DRX chính thức công bố đội hình mới

Official news from Blue Dragon representative: DRX officially announced the new lineup for the 2023 LCK pseudo-season. After much volatile news regarding the LCK transfer situation, the owner of the DRX world championship trophy has finally officially spoken! Let’s take a look at the hot transfer LCK news with capturingfantasy.com

DRX officially announced the new lineup

After much speculation from the public, finally support player and reigning World Championship Champion Beryl decided to stick with DRX. Blue Dragon’s ultimate defense duo officially reunited with the return of ADC Deokdam!

DRX officially announced the new lineupDRX officially announced the new lineup

Worlds 2022 is indeed a memorable year for LoL players and audience alike, with the return of the Demon King. faker with the “dinosaur lineup” T1 and the spectacular wading of XRD with the “miracle run” of the male lead Deft.

Despite being judged as a rather weak team against other opponents in the LCK, DRX bested them all and proudly entered the finals, taking on a heavyweight opponent, T1. DRX has made everyone in LoL admire his spectacular victory, his teamwork and his solid heart since the first group stage.

DRX 2022 disbandment shocked fans

However, World Cups 2022 It has not cooled down much yet, the LCK transfer move has created many waves of heated debate in the world. Far from the rumors, DRX, after being crowned champion, surprised fans by announcing that the old roster had officially disbanded and the players were free.

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DRX officially announced the new lineupDRX 2022 lineup disbanded

Skilled was the first to talk to the DK team recruitment announcement, then kingen and zeka He also began to advertise his joining HLE. Pyosik also recently announced that he will be traveling abroad to play for Team Liquid. And the last character is to support Beryl, after many days of waiting, he finally announced that she will stay and play for DRX.

The return of DK’s defensive end

During the recent live stream, Beryl shared that she will be signing a new contract and is waiting for an official announcement from the company. It is known that Beryl’s support will be the only member who will continue to play for DRX, and in addition, this team has also recruited AD Deokdam. Then the return of the lower wing defense duo officially begins!

DRX officially announced the new lineupDRX officially announced the new lineup

Before difficult transfers, when most opponents could pick extremely brilliant supports like legends by KT Rolster and hle’s lifethen it’s also right that Beryl stays on XRD.

DRX has lost the original lineup, but fans still have high expectations for Beryl and the cooperation with Deokdam on the new lineup. It can be said that, in the spirit of being a DRX veteran who won the championship, Beryl is still expected to build a stable team and play well for next year.

DRX officially announced the new list for 2023

Above: Rascal

Jungle: Crocodile

Medium: Destination


Support: Beryl

DRX officially announced the new lineuptop lane rascal
DRX officially announced the new lineupjungle crocodile
DRX officially announced the new lineupmid lane destination

DRX officially announced the new lineup which then also announced Shine and Micro as head trainers for DRX the following year.

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Unlike HLE and DK, DRX chose for themselves a safe option with players who have worked with veteran Beryl, the name that was a big win for League of Legends. Perhaps the successful negotiation to keep Beryl here was the right decision for DRX.


After the announcement of the information DRX officially announced the new lineupIn the general market, DRX is not yet a strong lineup compared to other competitors. However, DRX is definitely a team with great potential to challenge for the top 4 of the LCK, if DRX has the right direction.

Currently, the new lineup after the LCK transfer period has also been officially announced in full, hopefully with the new rookies, the new LCK season will be even more explosive with more beautiful battles!

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