EA reveals The Sims 5 and urges players to contribute to the development of the game

EA reveals The Sims 5 and urges players to contribute to the development of the game

Eight years after the release of The Sims 4, developer Maxis has revealed the next generation of the life simulation game series. The new game is now called Project Rene. The name calls to mind words like renewal, rebirth, and rebirth and represents The Sims’ renewed commitment to a bright future.

Maxis first revealed The Sims 5 during the Behind The Sims Summit event on October 18. During launch, the development team revealed a few minutes of gameplay, showing off all the upcoming features. If previous Sims games stuck to the grid layout system, the next game in the series will remove it, allowing players to place items wherever they want. Players will also be able to customize items similar to those found in The Sims 3. This advanced building mode isn’t limited to changing the colors and patterns of items, players will even be able to adjust the number of cushions that decorate their sofas.

Currently, the studio has not revealed the details regarding The Sims 5’s character customization, interface, and core gameplay. Maxis only stated that the game stays true to the spirit of The Sims while developing the way the game plays. the characters think and behave. and gives players the tools to foster creativity and the ability to tell meaningful stories. Also, the upcoming game will allow players to play alone or in cooperation with others. Project Rene will have cross-play and save progress between consoles.

The developer promises that it will continue to share updates with players about Project Rene, including behind-the-scenes footage, development progress videos, and early access that will open up to small teams over time. Fans can subscribe to the project on the official website of the game.

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