eFootball 2021 – How to Link Your Konami ID to eFootball Points

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If you’re not already a member, KONAMI ID can be easily obtained by installing its official support application and installing. Once you’ve obtained one, you’re all set! Once you’ve got one in hand, start using it immediately!

To take part in the campaign, you must link your game account with a KONAMI ID and accept the Terms of Use of eFootball Point Program eFootball. Please follow the onscreen instructions for completion of this step.

eFootball Points

Konami eFootball Points have become an integral component of its soccer games in recent years. Players can use them to acquire items that will enhance their teams and accelerate progress; from contract renewals and player items to special training programs – to get the most out of this program, players must connect their game account to a KONAMI ID.

Launch the game and navigate to [Settings] > [Online Settings] > [Link KONAMI ID]. Here, you will be asked to either enter your KONAMI ID or scan its QR code; once linked successfully, an alert stating: “Linked Successfully” will be shown on screen. If you don’t already have one, creating one within either game or website is easy!

Once you create a KONAMI ID, all points earned in PES 2022 will automatically be deposited to it and can be spent across platforms as bonuses without needing to keep track of multiple game accounts. Furthermore, mobile devices become easier for playing as game progress can always be easily accessible.

This game also allows players to reset their progression points for a fee, giving more control over how to spend them and creating additional strategies when allocating progression points to managers. Since there’s currently no way of taking back any that have already been granted, this change should come as welcome news to managers.

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At present, a festive campaign is underway where players can receive 200 eFootball Points every time they log into the game during a seven-day period (Thursday 15 December to Thursday 12 January 2023). To take part, players must link their KONAMI ID with their game account and agree to the Terms of Use for the eFootball Point Program Terms of Use before participating. This event runs between Thursday 15 December and Thursday 12 January 2023.

eFootball 2022

eFootball 2022 aims to differentiate itself from FIFA by exploiting player development potential and offering a basic online mode, but fails to do so and comes across more like an empty cash grab designed specifically for mobile platforms – not enjoyable to play and with cumbersome controls.

Though eFootball 2022 does have some drawbacks, it does boast several positive attributes. For one thing, its player development system is captivating. A player can choose to enhance either shooting ability or defensive awareness and tailor their play style according to personal preferences. Furthermore, its physics engine ensures an impressively fast pace during matches.

Another positive aspect of eFootball 2022’s data transfer feature is that it works across different platforms. This allows you to play on your phone during your commute and then continue your progress when you get home on your console.

However, its limited content at launch hinders eFootball 2022’s longevity; Konami may need most of this decade to develop it fully into something worthwhile playing – leading many PES fans to be disgruntled with its release.

eFootball 2021

Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) video game series continues with its 25th installment: eFootball 2021. Featuring an extensive roster of football teams and players as well as competitive online PvP events themed after real-life rivalries, as well as its proprietary currency known as eFootball Points, this title offers something for all football enthusiasts to enjoy.

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To redeem eFootball points, first link your KONAMI ID with your game account by opening up the game and navigating to the eFootball Point menu. Once connected, your KONAMI ID can be used to purchase in-game items and bonuses across multiple platforms – you can even view its data linkage by logging into KONAMI’s website and viewing [Account Information] > [Linked Accounts].

Earn eFootball Points through various activities within the game, such as attending myClub events. Each myClub event may yield up to 400 eFootball Points depending on the number of matches played – these events can be played regularly or as part of special football events such as UEFA eEuro 2021 Finals or KONAMI campaigns.

eFootball Points can be used to upgrade your team, unlock new abilities, upgrade stadium facilities or construct training grounds. However, please keep in mind that these eFootball Points expire six months after they arrive in your Inbox; therefore it is best to utilize them quickly since any unused points cannot be transferred into another month.