eFootball 2022 Game Review

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Konami recently made an enormous update to their free-to-play association football simulation game eFootball 2022, giving long-time users access to linking their account to a Konami ID in case they switch operating systems without losing data.

eFootball Points

eFootballTM Points are the virtual currency of the eFootballTM Point Program and can be redeemed on all platforms. Players earn points through engaging with core titles in the series or participating in eSports competitions; once earned, these points can then be used to purchase in-game items and bonuses on all platforms. To take full advantage of your eFootball Points you must link your game account to a Konami ID account in order to use them effectively.

As part of their effort to mark this major milestone for eFootball, the team have launched an exclusive login campaign offering incredible rewards. From Thursday 15 December 2023 until Thursday 12 January 2023 if you log into the game between these dates you will be eligible for coins, Game Points and XP boost boosts; there will also be Show Time events during these periods that provide chances to unlock an OVR Show Time Neymar Jr item with any player!

To claim your eFootball Points, first verify that your KONAMI ID is linked with your game account and agree to the eFootball Points Program Terms of Use. After doing this, click [Accept]. Your award amount depends on how many game accounts are linked with your KONAMI ID; to view its data link status either within-game using [KONAMI ID Link] or online at My KONAMI website.

eFootball 2022

Konami has released an exciting free-to-play football simulation called eFootball 2022 that provides players a novel way to experience professional soccer. Featuring over 100 teams and available on both PC and mobile devices, this game also includes several special events where players can unlock rewards while enjoying various gameplay options, such as career mode or online multiplayer matches.

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Although eFootball may not offer as many features as FIFA, it does provide several unique ones. Notably its incredible stadium set and fast action game play that can be great fun. Unfortunately there are some issues which prevent eFootball from providing an enjoyable football experience; such as its inaccurate and unbalanced passing which makes playing less enjoyable and can even become frustrating at times.

The game’s monetization is also subpar. While not as predatory as FIFA in terms of microtransactions, it still attempts to extract as much money from players as possible – something long-term players may feel they have been scammed of by this practice. Furthermore, it lacks key features popular among other titles, such as Master League and Edit Mode; although this won’t pose too many major difficulties.

eFootball 2021

eFootball 2021 is an independent football game featuring highly realistic graphics and numerous unique features, as well as local multiplayer functionality for face-offs with nearby friends. If you’re searching for something different in the soccer genre, give eFootball a shot – this title might just surprise you!

The highlight of eFootball series updates lies within its unique currency system. Players can earn eFootball Points through playing core titles of the series as well as participating in eSports competitions, with these points later used to purchase in-game items and bonuses across platforms. To claim these eFootball Points, users must first link their KONAMI ID with the game account they intend to redeem them in.

Notable improvements also include enhanced grass and more realistic player movements. Overall, it feels more like an authentic PES title than ever before with freedom of movement that bridges FIFA and older games in the series.

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However, this game still lacks key elements from its mainline franchise counterpart. At present time there’s no Master League or Edit Mode available, although Konami has promised they will be added later. Similarly, Live Update feature collects real match data to enhance authenticity of play and help improve overall experience.

eFootball Mobile

eFootball is a football-themed game that allows users to build their own fantasy team using its in-game currency. By purchasing new players or upgrading existing ones to enhance performance on the pitch, players can create their ultimate squad. In addition, special rewards for scoring goals or participating in events provide special incentive for improving performance or team morale.

To redeem eFootball points, it is necessary to accept and link your game account with your KONAMI ID. This can be accomplished by opening up the desired game and going directly to its eFootball Point menu – once this step has been taken you will start earning points and using them within it!

Your eFootball points earned during gameplay are valid for six months after they arrive in your Inbox, and can be verified by visiting My KONAMI and clicking on [KONAMI ID] > [Account Information] > [Linked Accounts].

Keep in mind that one game account per KONAMI ID should only ever be linked. Once linked, this relationship cannot be broken – having multiple game accounts only adds confusion and shouldn’t exist at all. Furthermore, KONAMI should consider providing players with access to detailed statistics so they can compare stats and player cards more easily.