eFootball 2022 to Get a Major Update

efootball konami 2022

Konami faces an uphill struggle to win back football fans it alienated with its release of eFootball 2022. A major update will be provided later this fall that addresses many issues with gameplay and balance within the game.

The biggest change to gameplay is an increase in pass speed and player AI routines, giving a more realistic feel than before. While taking time to master, this improvement should feel much better for all involved.


Konami initially excited fans when it announced its plans to rebrand Pro Evolution Soccer as free-to-play game eFootball 2022; however, soon it became evident that it wasn’t ready for release and received one of the lowest critical Metascores and User Scores in gaming history at launch, earning widespread criticism as unfinished and lackluster.

Although efootball konami 2022’s gameplay has vastly improved since launch, there remain some significant issues. Players often feel as though the ball is not passing as smoothly or shooting inaccurately; also, its camera can be awkward and confusing to control, making it hard to follow the action clearly.

As part of its efforts to address these issues, the 1.0 update introduced a number of improvements that include overhauling of the shooting system and more accurate collision detection as well as better camera angles. Furthermore, more detailed player models and an easier tackling animation make for improved gameplay experience.

The 1.0 update includes fixes for several gameplay bugs and makes it easier to get the ball into space using passes. Furthermore, precise control over player movements enables more precise movement management as well as providing a balance between intense play and tactical perspectives. Finally, its newly designed shoulder mechanic rewards proper positioning creating intense one-on-one duels.

Unfortunately, eFootball 2022 doesn’t deliver on what most sports gamers would expect of a full release title; team selection is quite limited and uninspiring, while only limited teams are playable at once.

Though its launch was less-than-stellar, eFootball 2022 holds enormous promise. With proper improvements made, this football simulation game could become a fantastic football simulation game. Once Konami implements more realistic physics and camera work to truly rival FIFA’s experience. Until that day comes, however, recommending it would be difficult. To truly experience it for yourself it should become available later this year.


Today marks the release of Konami’s inaugural game from their new eFootball series that replaces Pro Evolution Soccer: eFootball 2022 on all platforms. However, initial reception for this title has been far from enthusiastic; Konami hopes that an update with revamped graphics and a motion match engine can change this perception.

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The new engine, built upon Unreal Engine, promises to enhance player models using “motion matching.” This innovative technology converts real-life movements of players into animations that reflect them accurately in real-time and selects the ideal one in real-time – thus giving it more of an authentic feel and making for more accurate game play. Other improvements include more detailed stadium design and more realistic lighting; but what stands out most are enhanced graphics: faces like those of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have been enhanced while Andres Iniesta retains his signature dribbling finesse.

While eFootball 2022’s graphics have improved since its initial release, they still fall far short of FIFA. Playability issues persist: pass input is too slow, shots don’t always hit their intended targets and tackles can even go amiss!

Another issue with the game is its limited content due to licensing issues; although several notable clubs appear, this alone won’t support an extensive release.

Overall, Konami’s new eFootball 2022 is an improvement on its disastrous predecessor and may continue to add updates with new improvements and features in the near future. Sports games need to remain relevant with fans today expecting high quality titles like this; hopefully this will make the next installment of eFootball more successful when released as free-to-play title; until then it would probably be best to steer clear. It was such a shame because this free title had such promise!

Career mode

Since its initial release, eFootball 2023 has experienced an interesting journey since its initial launch. After initially experiencing some significant issues upon its initial release, Konami made significant improvements that managed to salvage it – such as stabilizing gameplay for enhanced immersion – yet missing some features such as Master League that was hallmark of Pro Evolution Soccer games.

Nonetheless, eFootball 2023 remains an enjoyable football title that offers multiple game modes to suit different player needs and tastes. From quick matches against AI opponents to competing against real people online players – you’ll find everything here.

Additionally, this game boasts many new and enhanced features. Its graphic quality has increased significantly while offering more realistic player animations; such as jaw structure and limb movements that now look more lifelike than ever. You can now also control ball velocity and trajectory for more precise passes.

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New to this year is the Friend Match mode, allowing players to face off against friends with their Dream Teams in competitive matches and earn some GP in return. Furthermore, mobile users now have their own version of Friend Match so that they can compete against friends no matter their location!

The latest update brings many enhancements to the game, including an upgraded manager screen and revamped menus. Players now have more freedom when selecting players for their squad as well as customizing the image of their club – further increasing immersiveness! Furthermore, different formations and tactics are now possible so as to further immerse themselves into this immersive game experience.

Konami has also updated the UEFA Champions League, Europa League and Super Cup to reflect the current season’s clubs – but has removed Bundesliga. Furthermore, fully licensed teams such as France, Spain and Italy have also been added.

KONAMI’s partnership with the French national team marks a first in video gaming: licensing rights will be acquired for team name, crest and kits – as well as promises that other nations’ national teams will also be added in due course.

Online multiplayer

eFootball 2022’s online multiplayer mode is a fun and challenging way to put your skills against your friends. KONAMI has done their best to enhance both its gameplay and graphics; however, some issues still need resolving such as input delays that occur for some players or AI favoring certain individuals over others; regardless of these setbacks the game remains worth playing!

KONAMI’s popular soccer title has received a significant update, adding many exciting features and improvements. One notable change this season is Friend Match Mode; an online 1v1 match between friends allows you to showcase your Dream Team. In addition, Konami recently entered into a multi-year agreement with France National Team for national team integration within their game.

Future updates of eFootball 2022 will include additional features, such as additional domestic leagues, promotions, transfers and player packs/player types from Konami. Furthermore, Master League 2023 is planned to enable users to compete against one another across a variety of challenges.

Developers plan on improving existing game modes as well as adding new ones, for instance by increasing defensive coverage and making AI less predictable in attacking plays. Better physics and realistic player movements will add another level of authenticity for fans of football while new features and enhancements will allow eFootball 2022’s community to flourish further.