eFootball 2023 on Playstation 5

eFootball 2023 on Playstation 5

eFootball 2023 on Playstation 5

Football Manager 2023 finally arrives on PlayStation 5, nearly one month later than originally planned due to unforeseen circumstances. SEGA and Sports Interactive announced today that eFootball 2023 will launch for PCs and consoles on February 1.

FM23 immerses fans into every aspect of football – from supporters filling stands to scouts, players and opposition managers, all the way through newly licensed competitions.


Konami’s popular football simulator eFootball 2023 has returned as a free-to-play game offering multiple features and microtransactions, with gameplay inspired by association football featuring several modes similar to its real life equivalent.

Dream Team mode is at the core of this game and allows players to select and sign players to enhance their teams for the forthcoming season. This offers a fantastic way to compete against players from around the globe while simultaneously building stronger squads to challenge for promotion.

Additionally, Trial Match mode enables players to engage in casual matches against either other users or AI – perfect for beginners looking for an accessible experience.

There have also been a variety of new features added to the game, such as touchline tablet options and radial menus, as well as Player Card Types which will offer more team-building freedom than ever before.

Additionally, new Managers and Training Programs have been added, and several global ambassadors such as Trent Alexander-Arnold and Bruno Fernandes will join the game in 2023.

Though its title might seem confusing, eFootball 2023 offers an enjoyable and immersive footballing experience for fans of the sport. This is especially evident on the pitch where its focus on getting back to basics removes much of the extraneous noise found in FIFA games – making this an excellent option for anyone wanting an accessible football game without microtransactions or contracts!


Are you in search of an engaging football simulation game for Playstation 5? eFootball 2023 might just be your perfect pick – it is the latest installment in this acclaimed eFootball series and offers you a fantastic gaming experience.

eFootball 2023 offers outstanding graphics and is the ideal game for gamers who prefer playing on PlayStation 5. Furthermore, its user-friendly design and variety of features makes this title an enjoyable option for all PlayStation 5 users.

However, to enjoy optimal gaming performance you will require a powerful processor. We advise purchasing at least a GeForce GTX 660 Ti or AMD Radeon HD 7790 graphics card to achieve maximum results.

Be sure to have enough memory available in order to run the game smoothly – 8 GB RAM should provide optimal gameplay in eFootball 2023.

To achieve the best gaming experience, it is recommended that you upgrade to an Intel Core i5-7600/ AMD Ryzen 5 1600 processor or higher. This will ensure that the game is optimized and provide you with optimal frame rates and visual quality.

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Lastly, if you are playing the game online, be aware of lag. Lag can be extremely irritating as it often results in input delays and game pauses that impede game play.

Konami has shown its commitment to improving the online experience with updates, but there remain some major issues which need to be resolved for eFootball 2023 to truly have an impactful presence in players’ lives. We hope that future patches can address these concerns and allow eFootball 2023 to stand up against similar football simulation games on the market.

Career mode

Football fans have long desired the experience of life as a manager, and EA Sports’ FIFA series has accommodated this desire with several new features added throughout its series.

One of the most beloved game modes of this franchise is Dream Team, in which players select only their best available players and compete against others online in league play. There are also various other modes available such as Player Career and Manager Career that add depth to this experience.

Friend Match is another new addition to eFootball 2023 that allows users to pit their customized teams against those of their friends online and see how well their Dream Teams perform against real teams. This feature offers users an exciting way to test out how realistic their Dream Teams may be against real life teams and see where their eFootball Dream Teams stand up.

Konami has released the Friend Match feature of eFootball 2023 on PlayStation 5, responding to numerous player requests for it. This is fantastic news as many eFootballers had requested this option and were hoping that Konami would deliver.

Beginning your career mode season off right can often be the hardest challenge, so making smart decisions about squad rotation and continental competitions on time are paramount to a successful journey.

Are You Thinking about Joining Cup Tournaments to Fund Transfers? Being undefeated throughout a league season is truly rewarding in any sport; especially football!

As well as these new features, other changes are being introduced that will enhance eFootball 2023 for an enhanced and realistic experience. These changes include authentic managers and an investment menu as well as more.

Events matches

There are various ways you can earn rewards in eFootball 2023, one being through participation in special football tournaments known as Events matches. These special games allow users to compete online in PvP or 11v11 matches against one another and complete missions to unlock rewards.

Participate in these events by visiting a game and selecting “Authentic Match” from its menu. Most events feature an end date; during that period you can join as often as desired!

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As well as offering special matches, eFootball 2023 also gives players the chance to join an international challenge event called “The International Cup Experience.” Featuring 46 national teams competing across groups stages and knock-out rounds for an estimated prize pool of 1 billion coins!

An alternative way to participate in eFootball 2023 is via “Back to the Clubs.” This season features various “Dream Team” events, European league-themed Challenge Tour and Lunar New Year campaign activities – plus, you can enter a brand new eFootball Championship Open 2023 tournament as part of this celebration of eFootball!

The new eFootball 2023 update is scheduled to arrive late August and will include updates to player abilities, skill, playstyles and real world teams (97 licensed professional clubs).

Improvements have also been made to the dribbling and passing system in the game, including a more responsive second touch system and new directional dribbling techniques – this helps make dribbling faster while making for smoother overall game playback.


eFootball 2023 on PlayStation 5 offers multiple multiplayer modes, such as Dream Team, online PvP and local co-op play.

Dream Team mode in eFootball 2023 offers one of the most intense competitive experiences available; here you can assemble a squad comprised of past legends and high-rated players from past eras. Play against teams worldwide or challenge yourself through ranked matches to establish yourself as a legendary manager!

Dream Team allows you to select players with various abilities and skills for a tailored squad, using player cards to improve its performance on the field.

Friend Match is the latest addition to eFootball 2023, giving players the ability to put their Dream Team against friends on PlayStation consoles in a friendly competition. This feature provides an invaluable opportunity to put your squad through its paces against other players using personalized tactics and scouting reports that you create yourself.

This update brings with it two new player types, Epic and Highlight. These player types allow you to choose from a range of unique characteristics – including more distinct looks and feels as well as stronger stats – when creating or customizing your avatar.

Overall, eFootball 2023 is an enjoyable game with great potential. While its gameplay may not match some other football management sims in depth or intensity, but still provides an enjoyable gameplay experience.

However, it can be disconcerting that this game lacks offline Friendlies mode or any other offline modes. While Authentic Team provides access to real players and teams for use within its gameplay, this doesn’t provide as much depth as an official Friendlies mode would do.

Overall, eFootball is an excellent title to add to your Playstation 5 library if you’re searching for an enjoyable but quick football experience with plenty of customization and quality-of-life enhancement features. While not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, eFootball should definitely make your list of must-own titles this year.