eFootball 2023 Update Announces 97 New Clubs

konami efootball 23

This update to eFootball 2023 brings with it 97 licensed professional real-world clubs from all around the world, such as AC Milan and Inter Milan as well as Mexican club Club America.

Konami still needs to make improvements with regard to online play, especially laggy performance which can ruin an otherwise enjoyable gaming experience through delayed input delays and sudden disconnections.


efootball is a football simulation optimized for touch screen devices. Featuring all of the attacking and defensive elements expected in modern soccer games, and easy gameplay that players will find familiar, it allows them to build walls, send deep passes, take shots, do bicycle kicks and cross the ball towards goal – similar to other Konami titles but tailored for touch screens!

This game also offers a league-based progression system in which teams compete against one another to gain points and advance. An aggressive attacking strategy is key to making quick progress; additionally, there’s also a unique player card system used to unlock rewards such as new kits or stadiums.

Additionally, this game offers an assortment of sports-themed minigames and activities that can be completed quickly to earn money and experience points that can then be redeemed against items in its shop; these rewards provide great incentive to keep playing!

One of the key changes in this update is an improvement to dribbling, achieved through various tweaks to the movement system. This makes dribbling much more realistic, and players can now wiggle out of tight spaces much more easily than before.

The 2.5.0 update includes numerous AI improvements that include better tracking and general smartness – something which had plagued eFootball since its initial release, so these upgrades are welcome news.

Even with its flaws, eFootball remains an enjoyable and addictive football game. Fans of FIFA may be let down, but for anyone seeking a simple mobile football game without extraneous nonsense then eFootball may well be your ideal solution – hopefully with further updates by its developer!


Konami has released their latest soccer simulator for mobile devices: eFootball is free-to-play but requires spending some money if you wish to unlock certain features. Perfectly tailored for touch screens, players can use virtual or physical controllers while making walls, sending players deep, taking shots, taking bicycle kicks or performing bicycle kicks are just some of its many capabilities. Furthermore, multiple languages are supported.

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While the graphics quality of eFootball may not match that of new FIFA games, its free-to-play counterpart still looks very impressive. Offering various player models and stadiums – along with accurate motion response – this free-to-play version has made an impactful statement about itself.

The eFootball 2023 (v2.0.0) update is now available, featuring several significant modifications. These changes include AC Milan and Internazionale licenses joining the game as well as several fixes and improvements for gameplay.

eFootball 2023’s initial launch, when it was almost unplayable, has seen dramatic improvements since. YouTuber ‘ElAnalistaDeBits’ used this video to showcase just how far the game has come; both versions still offer their own advantages and disadvantages.

Since its release, eFootball has made incredible strides since its debut and serves as an ideal replacement for PES series games. While it may not look quite as crisp on current-gen platforms than FIFA 23, eFootball still makes for plenty of enjoyable play and its free-to-play model means there’s no PS80 fee required if you decide to try it. What would really make it stand out is if EA FIFA and Konami efootball collaborated together in creating one epic football game – that dream would surely come true sooner rather than later!

Offline mode

The lack of an offline mode in eFootball is an immense letdown, particularly for fans of its long-running Manager Mode. Konami has promised that an updated version will arrive as downloadable content; but at what point it will happen remains uncertain.

In the meantime, eFootball players can still take advantage of an offline Friend Match mode and Trial Match is now open to console users worldwide to experience fierce 2vs2 competition between their favorite national teams in a 2 vs 2 setting.

This update also adds more customization options to the in-game kit creator, a wider selection of manager kits for upcoming matches are unlocked, as well as commemorate Carnivale with Brazilian football legend Ronaldinho and commemorate 30 years of J-League by collecting Japanese players as special cards.

Even without an offline mode, eFootball has made significant strides since its disastrous debut in 2022. Gameplay is more stable, major bugs have been resolved, graphics have improved greatly and an additional lighting system implemented – these improvements speak volumes about its success!

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Konami recently confirmed that offline modes like Master League will be sold as DLC in the future, although its exact cost remains unknow. Konami announced it will provide more details regarding this pricing structure early autumn.

PES will launch worldwide this autumn on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox Series X and S, Windows 10 PC via Steam and mobile controller support is planned as well as cross-generational online matchmaking with PlayStation 5 users playing against PS4 Pro users, and Xbox series X/S users playing against Xbox One users. Mobile controller support and full cross-play between consoles and PC will be offered along with team building modes (possibly similar to MyClub) as well as online leagues are expected as part of its offering.

Career mode

After an unsteady start, eFootball has shown real promise since its 2023 update was released. New teams were added, gameplay tweaks have made the game feel better than ever and offline modes were finally made available as paid DLC this spring; according to reports.

This mode allows players to take control of a player of their choosing and develop them into legend. Players can select a club and begin in lower division, working their way upwards towards becoming champion. They can earn rewards through User Matches or clearing Challenges; additionally they can sign and loan new talent into their squads.

This mode has long been a hallmark of PES series games, so it will be fascinating to witness its implementation in eFootball. While not much is known about the mode itself yet, it is expected to follow similar lines to how its predecessor in PES series did with “Become A Legend”.

Attaining success in eFootball requires strategic thought and patience. Timing is crucial, with hasty attacks leading to missed goals or easy saves from opposing keepers. Furthermore, defensive roles must also be carefully considered; an improper tackle could force one of your opponents off of possession of the ball!

eFootball players may experience some lag when competing online, making the game challenging and frustrating to compete against opponents. Lag can cause input delays and momentary pauses which are highly irritating to competitive players. Luckily, developers have addressed this issue in recent updates of eFootball by adding an online patch which addresses this problem; additionally they may add offline mode which will provide players with more realistic football simulation without experiencing lag issues.