eFootball 2023 Update

Konami recently unveiled an extensive update for their popular football game eFootball 2023, adding many improvements and new features for mid-season playback.

One feature that makes eFootball truly portable is the ability to transfer data between devices. This enables players to use their phone while out and about and switch back over when they reach home – for instance from mobile phone playback to console when returning.

What are they?

Konami’s virtual currency for myClub in PES, eFootball, can be redeemed in the Shop to purchase legendary players, club kits and Skill/Position trainers; it can also be used to level up players thereby increasing their shooting, dribbling and defending abilities.

To maximize the benefits of eFootball, make sure to utilize progression points wisely. For instance, consider investing many of them into player attributes which increase team playstyle proficiency – this may help decide the tactics you use during games.

Another way to earn eFootball points is through participating in matchday events. These events usually last nine weeks and feature both Preset and Custom matches; the more matches you play, the more points you’ll accumulate based on total matches played and goals scored on any particular matchday.

Redeem eFootball Points in myClub mode or on the eFootball website to purchase items in the myClub shop or view your points’ expiration dates, check KONAMI ID acceptance of Terms of Use etc.

How do I get them?

MyClub mode uses eFootball points as virtual currency that you can use to purchase items within the game. These can be earned both inside and outside the game (by watching streams). In order to spend them, your Konami ID needs to be connected with myClub mode.

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If you want to maximize the number of eFootball points you earn, the key is building your team around possession tactics. Legendary cards tend to excel at this strategy and thus tend to earn higher team playstyle proficiency scores; if Beckenbauer is on your squad make sure the rest are geared toward possession as well.

Once you’ve earned enough eFootball points, they can be redeemed at the shop for rewards such as club kits, Skill/Position trainers and more!

KONAMI is currently running an exciting campaign that gives players 5,000 eFootball points when they link their PES 2023 and eFootball accounts with their Konami ID between January 11-May 23. To do so, visit My KONAMI and log into your account; once there, select either [Link KONAMI ID] button or head directly to Account Information page before linking your ID successfully – in-game you’ll be alerted with [Linked Successfully] message!

How do I redeem them?

PES 2021 introduces a virtual currency called eFootball Points that can be used to unlock bonuses and rewards across all platforms. To take advantage of this benefit, link your game account with KONAMI ID; either through clicking the shopping cart icon in-game, or scanning its 2D barcode displayed within it.

Once that’s completed, your eFootball Points can be spent in the Shop tab of myClub to purchase player items or special club kits – or redeem them for progression tickets, contract renewal tickets or anything else available through myClub!

As Konami has provided on their website, players can now track the expiration dates of eFootball Points so as to maximize your spending of them wisely and maximize returns from them. In order to do this, Konami provides a tool enabling players to check when these special player items will expire and buy them sooner if desired. With this added feature in place, hopefully players will allocate progress tickets more strategically — for instance not spending all your points renewing contracts of players they likely won’t keep for too long before purchasing new items you want from Konami!

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How do I check my points?

My Konami website allows you to track the number and use history of eFootball Points that are in your account, their expiration date and usage history. Your points are organized based on which platform or title they were earned in; points obtained in eFootball 2023 mobile or previous versions will be identified as eFootball (PSN) while any others that may have come from previous games such as Legacy will be classified accordingly.

MyKonami Efootball Points can be redeemed at the My Konami Shop to redeem rewards, such as extra items in myClub mode. These eFootball Points can be earned through participating in core titles of the series and attending eSports competitions; and can even be transferred between platforms.

However, players can only link their KONAMI ID with one game account; having multiple accounts won’t maximize your eFootball Points; it is therefore best to log into one more often and use that one instead. In order to redeem your points you must agree to the eFootball Point Program Terms of Use before redeeming them; in-game data linkage status can be seen by visiting [Link KONAMI ID] while online you can visit My KONAMI’s Account Information; once done so your eFoootball Points will be added automatically!