eFootball Konami 2022 – Update 1.0

efootball Konami 2022 was always going to be difficult. Launched last autumn as a free-to-play soccer game with scarce content and an uninspiring simulation on the pitch, efootball 2022 quickly made waves within its community for being unappealing and lacking depth.

Thankfully, version 1.0.0 promises to rectify many of the game’s flaws. From its amusingly named Stunning Kick controls to licensed Japanese and Korean leagues, v1.0.0 should enhance player experiences significantly.


Konami’s ambitious free-to-play attempt at outwitting FIFA is finally showing some promise of redemption. After its disastrous release in September 2021 led it to become the worst rated game on Steam, Konami embraced their community by canceling content and refunding players, followed by this major update release.

One of the biggest changes is a vast rework of gameplay, which finally seems balanced and smooth. Passing feels much faster and less cumbersome than before and unforced errors have decreased considerably compared to what they were. Furthermore, the addition of the “Stunning Shot” feature that requires timely presses of the right trigger is also appreciated; though not quite like FIFA’s finesse shot it provides another option when players tire of trying for perfect passes all of the time.

However, eFootball still suffers from numerous issues. Its commentary lacks the dynamic poetic flourishes found in Peter Drury’s legendary PES series; stadiums feel empty; even its music may be too subdued for some players’ tastes.

Thankfully, KONAMI’s online multiplayer is outstanding, boasting an active user base and matchmaking that effectively pairs players of similar skill levels. Unfortunately, however, the game doesn’t offer more modes – like Ultimate Team from their other big football franchise – however if you’re searching for a new soccer game eFootball 2022 is worth taking a look at; once started its engaging and challenging experience becomes clear – though some players seem to vanish entirely from pre-match cutscenes and some corner kick animation bugs where two or more balls appear simultaneously. eFootball 2022 definitely deserves your consideration if you’re in search of something fresh but challenging


eFootball konami 2022’s graphics and animations are impressive for a mobile football game, using a 3D engine that makes its action look realistic, as well as high-resolution player models and animations. Unfortunately, though, the game does suffer from some visual bugs which impede its overall play experience.

eFootball 2022 continues the legacy of visually appealing soccer game releases by being one of the most visually striking on the market. Unfortunately, however, its graphics may not match these high standards; many players have reported wonky smiles and rubber-necked keepers as visual issues within this title. Furthermore, many bugs prevent its camera from properly focusing on the ball during gameplay.

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Furthermore, the graphics appear outdated, as though created using older technology. Character facial expressions don’t match real-life counterparts and player arms often clip during pre-match anthem and victory scenes.

eFootball Konami 2022 offers pretty decent graphics for a mobile football game, yet they fall short of FIFA 22’s impressive visuals. FIFA recently made the transition from Fox Engine to Unreal Engine which significantly upgraded next-gen graphics; yet still struggles with issues like low-res crowds and unnatural facial expressions that eFootball 2022 did not experience. Fans of this genre should eagerly anticipate FIFA 23, which promises more realistic visuals as well as updated gameplay features.


Konami has taken several significant steps to bring eFootball more in line with FIFA 2021 and other PES titles, such as PES 2019. Most notably, Teammate Pressure no longer sits on Square/X button – this command allowed players to place pressure on players with the ball while simultaneously protecting passing lanes with another defender.

The second major modification involves the shooting control scheme. Players now have two distinct forms of shooting: standard or controlled shots. Standard shots focus on power while controlled shots prioritize placement over speed, providing more options in attacking play – particularly helpful when trying to curl the ball into corners of the net.

Dribbling has also been improved. Prior to this update, the touch felt unresponsive and difficult spaces became harder for players to maneuver in. Now touch is more responsive and players can escape tight spaces more easily than before.

This update also included enhancements to the AI. Players have reported that its AI has become smarter and makes more intelligent decisions when uncontrolled by humans – an impressive development that will hopefully continue to advance as time progresses.

Another alteration is that pressing X/A now allows you to mimic an opponent’s positioning when pressing, similar to how holding X/A works in FIFA and should make tackling opponents easier in one-on-one situations. Overall, the new eFootball controls may require some getting used to, but will become second nature with time and practice.

Game modes

If you’re looking for something different in terms of football games, look no further than eFootball konami 2022. This free-to-play soccer simulation from Pro Evolution Soccer takes an unusual approach with some unique modes that fans of this genre will certainly appreciate.

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eFootball 2023 is a marked improvement over its predecessor in terms of gameplay. The ball moves much more realistically and graphics are decent; however, some aspects could have been enhanced further – for instance players sometimes taking unnecessary touches which slows down match play; this can cause momentum loss that makes recovering from deficits difficult.

Konami continues to refine eFootball 2023, and their latest update added several exciting new features such as Friend Match mode allowing players to compete against their friends online and various in-game events that highlight European leagues and clubs.

There are multiple ways eFootball 2023 allows you to customize the experience, such as choosing different stadiums and adjusting camera angles. Extra time and penalty shootout settings may also be altered; however, for optimal gameplay it’s recommended that they remain set as default in order to ensure matches can take place within reasonable times and don’t turn null. Please keep in mind that altering these settings could cause bugging issues as well as taking longer than anticipated to complete matches.


Launch of eFootball 2022 was, to put it mildly, subpar. Although Konami pledged it as an ongoing platform, its lack of content and poor gameplay left players wanting more. Since that initial release of 2022 last year, however, Konami have released three substantial updates, one being Update 1.0 which appears to have transformed it into something far more worthy of its Pro Evolution Soccer title.

This new version adds numerous features, such as being able to switch up camera angles during matches and a revamped defense system that encourages team play instead of fighting one-on-one duels. Although a step in the right direction, additional polish is still necessary – player animations remain inconsistent, frequently skipping frames or failing to move altogether.

Dream Team mode was also added in this v1.0 update, giving players an ability to create and play with teams of their choosing. Although a welcome feature, Dream Team remains more like an attempt by Konami to keep fans interested after its disappointing initial launch; its use remains hindered by issues present at launch such as licensed clubs lacking representation and inconsistent character models.

As is evident by now, Konami was not ready for release of eFootball 2022 despite its extensive development cycle and proven track record as an alternative to FIFA. Unfortunately this series became yet another victim of their penchant for killing off great franchises like MGS, PT, and Silent Hill; hopefully eFootball may still be saved, though much work may need to be put in to do so.