Linking Your Konami Accounts: Earn and Redeem eFootball Points

my konami efootball points

Konami has launched an exciting campaign that encourages players to unify their gaming accounts under one KONAMI ID. By linking your accounts, you can easily redeem any earned eFootball Points across multiple platforms. Let’s delve into the details!

How to Get eFootball Points

A notable addition in PES 2021 is the introduction of eFootball Points, an innovative in-game currency that rewards players with exclusive bonuses in myClub and helps them progress through league seasons. To unlock these rewards, you need to connect your KONAMI ID account to your game profile.

On mobile devices, activate Online Settings by navigating to your game settings and selecting [Online Settings]. Alternatively, tap the icon at the top right corner of your myClub screen and follow the prompts to agree to the Terms of Use for the eFootball Point Program.

You can earn eFootball Points by logging in daily and completing myClub matches. These points can be used to claim exciting prizes such as players or in-game currency. Remember, the eFootball Points earned through this campaign can only be claimed once and are valid for six months. So, make sure to regularly check and claim them before they expire! Moreover, you can use your points across platforms, including PlayStation(r) 4, PC, and mobile phones.

How to Use eFootball Points

eFootball Points are the virtual currency used in eFootball 2023’s myClub mode. They enable you to purchase various items that enhance your gaming experience. By linking your Konami account with PES Mobile, PlayStation, or Xbox consoles, you can earn eFootball Points. The great news is that these points can also be transferred between platforms. So, whether you’re playing on your mobile phone or console, you can unlock extras wherever you go!

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Before redeeming eFootball Points, remember that only one Konami ID per platform can be linked to your game account. If you own two PES 2023 games on different platforms, you’ll need to redeem points from each account separately. Additionally, eFootball Points have an expiration date. They become invalid six months after being claimed in your inbox at midnight on the last day of every month.

How to Check eFootball Points

To check your eFootball Points balance and view redeemed points and their expiry dates, visit the official website. By clicking on “My Account,” you can easily view your current balance. The “My Account” tab also provides a summary of your purchases, helping you make informed decisions for future transactions. Remember, eFootball Points can be used to acquire player packs, rare club kits, Skill/Position trainers, and unlock bonus content within eFootball. Moreover, they can be easily transferred between platforms, allowing you to seamlessly enjoy your gaming experience on both mobile and console.

How to Redeem eFootball Points

In MyClub, eFootball Points can be used to purchase players, managers, renew contracts, and bid for scouts. However, they won’t grant you access to weekly featured players, and certain top managers may remain locked and only available through coins.

For a convenient way to redeem eFootball Points, log in to My Konami. Here, you can access your balance and usage history. Additionally, logging in for two consecutive days might earn you bonus points. While the reward may not be substantial, every point counts!

In conclusion, by linking your Konami accounts and earning eFootball Points, you can truly enhance your gaming experience in eFootball 2023. Remember, the clock is ticking, as these points stay active for six months from the time they are sent directly to your inbox. Don’t forget to claim them before the expiry date arrives! For more information, visit Capturing Fantasy. Happy gaming!

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