Elden Ring Plot and Unsolved Mysteries (P1)

Cốt truyện Elden Ring

Elden Ring Plot is built based on information related to the context of The Lands Between, a fictional land present in this classic game.

ancient ring It caused a lot of controversy due to the confusion and complexity in plot details, making players always feel “brain ache” from chaining together all the events that happened in the game. Currently, the history of The Land Between remains an unsolved mystery.

The beginning of the Elden Ring story


First, let’s talk about the meaning of the name. ancient ring.

── “Elden Ring” should not be understood as a ring, it is exactly a giant Rune that gathers superior power.

ancient ring It is not a tangible object, simply put, it is a great source of power granted to Queen Marika, which allows her to dominate The Lands Between. The power of the Elden Ring is governed within the Erdtree, a magical tree that appears in ancient ring. Rays of light will radiate from that tree to the world, they are called Grace.

However, the Elden Ring is not actually given to Queen Marika, in other words, Queen Marika is a symbolic form chosen and inhabited by the Elden Ring, she is designated to be the person who protects the Elden Ring until the end. .

Elden Ring HistoryElden Ring History

What relationship does Elden Lord have with Elden Ring?

We discussed a new term: Elden Lord. So what is Elden Lord?

In Elden Ring Plot, Elden Lord is often misunderstood by many as the highest king in the world, who will protect and receive power from the Elden Ring. However, Elden Lord is just a name, he has no power without the existence of older ring.

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Where does the devastating war come from?

Elden Ring Historyqueen marika

Elden Ring History It originated when Queen Marika destroyed the Elden Ring causing Great Rune shards. After the death of her son Godwyn the Golden, Queen Marika was the most depressed and miserable. She lost her mind, she was so sad that she destroyed the Elden Ring that she had the responsibility to protect.

This is the central detail that opens the entire story of the Elden Ring, because after the Elden Ring was destroyed, the Shattering war also occurred, and Tarnished was summoned back to search for a person to become the Elden Ring.

After the outbreak of The Shattering War, Queen Marika also disappeared, causing The Lands Between to need a new leader: an Elden Lord to wield the power of the Elden Ring.

Become ancient ring In fact, one must find and collect the Great Runes, restore the Elden Ring to its original state, and thus gain the blessing and strength to start a new dynasty. However, in the Elden Ring story, there are many paths to becoming a true Elden Lord.

Elden Ring Character Path

Similar to Elden Ring PlotThe character line of this game is also very methodical and elaborate.

The main character The Tarnished

Elden Ring HistoryThe Tarnished – player character role-playing game

According to the telling of the Elden Ring story, the person assigned to continue on the path to conquering the throne is The Tarnished.

However, The Tarnished is not a character name, it refers to the role-play of all the players involved. ancient ring.

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Taking part in the story of the Elden Ring, you will play the role of a Tarnisher, collecting Great Runes to restore the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord. Tarnished was the common name for the exiles who lived under Erdtree’s grace. They returned and set out to find the pieces of the Elden Ring, restore peace to the land, and reclaim the throne of the Elden Lord.

General Radahn và Malenia the Cut

Elden Ring HistoryGeneral Radahn và Malenia the Cut

In a cinematic, we can see a giant figure fighting against a thin woman. Yes, they are General Radahn and Malenia the Severed, the two most important leaders of The Lands Between.

The battle between the two is always in a state of indistinguishable victory and defeat, and only one person can break that rule, or in other words, a person who carries the powerful inner strength of two leaders. Directed is clouded: the player.

so far part Elden Ring Plot It is still unclear whether they are demigods or not, and their survival status remains a mystery.

Narrator NPC Melina and Ranni

Elden Ring Plotmelina

Melina is a minor character in Elden Ring Plot, like a soul attached to Erdtree. Melina plays the role of an effective assistant to help players (Tarnished) explore the land full of dangers that await them.

Elden Ring PlotPrincess Moon Ranni

Next up is Luna Princess Ranni, also known as Snow Witch, a mysterious woman with four arms. Ranni is a line of characters closely related to the plot of Elden Ring, especially the death of Godwyn the Golden, Queen Marika’s beloved son.

Both Melina and Ranni are blind in one eye, only functioning with the other eye. Melina uses her right eye and Ranni uses her left eye.


At the time the Elden Ring game was released, the plot development and details still had many unresolved issues. Perhaps this is the intention of the manufacturer to develop and expand more sequels in the future, promising to be an interesting and long-lasting adventure for gamers.

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