Best Elden Ring Strength Build: Unleash Your Inner Power

Best Elden Ring Strength Build: Unleash Your Inner Power
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Are you ready to dominate in Elden Ring with an unstoppable strength build? Prepare yourself for an exhilarating journey through The Lands Between, armed with massive swords, hammers, or clubs that will crush your enemies. In this guide, we will show you the best weapons, stats, and armor to create the ultimate strength build in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Strength Build: Starting Class and Stats

To create a formidable strength build, you need to prioritize three crucial stats: strength, vigor, and endurance. Strength will be your primary damage stat, so invest heavily in it as you level up. Aim to reach 31 strength early on to wield your first main weapon with one hand. Vigor is essential to withstand the punishing blows of your enemies, so consistently increase this stat to ensure survivability. Endurance, on the other hand, grants you additional stamina and allows you to equip heavier armor without sacrificing mobility.

For your starting class, we recommend the Vagabond. This class provides a balanced starting point for your build, offering a healthy amount of vigor, endurance, and strength. By level 30, your stats should be close to the following (assuming Vagabond start):

  • Vigor: 20
  • Mind: 10
  • Endurance: 16
  • Strength: 25
  • Dexterity: 13
  • Intelligence: 9
  • Faith: 9
  • Arcane: 7

Keep these three priority stats topped up as you progress. Remember, strength builds don’t have specific milestones to aim for, but be aware that most stats experience diminishing returns after reaching 50. Strength, however, continues to provide worthwhile returns until 80.

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Elden Ring Strength Build: Weapons and Talismans

When it comes to weapons, the Greatsword is an absolute must-have. It is available early in the game and becomes one of the best endgame colossal weapons when fully upgraded. Ride to the entrance of Caelid from Limgrave and defeat the two giant dog monsters guarding a coffin carriage to claim this powerful weapon.

Best Elden Ring Strength Build: Best weapons, stats, and armour

If you’re looking to showcase your strength even further, you can obtain the Giant Crusher. This massive hammer requires 60 strength to wield with one hand. Journey to the Atlas Plateau and locate it using the map. Although it has a shorter range than the Greatsword, its devastating power makes up for it.

Best Elden Ring Strength Build: Best weapons, stats, and armour

For more versatility, you can mix and match your strength build with other stats. Adding intelligence allows you to use sorceries for extra protection, while faith enables you to unleash bestial incantations. The North east of Caelid is home to the beast clergyman, where you can learn these powerful abilities.

To further enhance your strength build, equip three essential talismans. Erdtree’s Favour boosts your maximum HP, stamina, and equip load, providing everything a strength user needs in one package. The Arsenal Charm improves your equip load, allowing you to wear heavy armor without sacrificing mobility. Finally, the Green Turtle Talisman increases your stamina recovery speed, crucial for relentless close combat.

Elden Ring Strength Build: Spells and Incantations

While this strength build doesn’t heavily rely on spells and incantations, investing in faith can offer significant benefits. Flame, magic, and lightning fortification incantations can provide valuable bonuses in challenging battles. Additionally, bloodflame blade or Poison Armament can augment your damage output when needed.

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Elden Ring Strength Build: Armor

Since endurance plays a vital role in this build, you can afford to wear hefty armor sets that provide excellent defensive stats. The Twinned Armor from D or the Royal Remains Armor are both excellent options for early game players. Regardless of your choice, maintaining a medium equip load is essential to ensure a fast roll throughout the game.

Elden Ring Strength Build: Ash of War

To maximize the damage output of your colossal weapon, make sure to make it heavy and focus on boosting its strength scaling. This will unleash devastating power when combined with your increased strength stat.

When selecting an Ash of War, Stamp (Upward Cut) is a fantastic choice, as it grants a useful upwards slash. This skill is particularly effective against airborne enemies or when facing dragons.

Flame of the Redmanes is another popular option, dealing fire damage that scales with strength. It works best with weapons without built-in elemental damage. You can find Flame of the Redmanes in Fort Gael, located on the border of Limgrave and Caelid.

Alternate Elden Ring Strength Builds

If you’re looking for alternative strength builds, some favor weapons and effects that scale with strength rather than focusing on the strength stat itself. One such build prioritizes dexterity and vigor, with strength and arcane as secondary stats. The Reduvia Dagger and Eleonara’s Poleblade are ideal weapons for this build, providing physical and fire damage that scales with strength and arcane.


Unleash your inner power with the best Elden Ring strength build. Crush your enemies with colossal weapons, wear formidable armor, and discover the perfect balance between strength and other stats. For more Elden Ring guides and tips, visit Capturing Fantasy.