Enraptured with the beauty and talent of the beauties of Tuyet Ung VNG

Enraptured with the beauty and talent of the beauties of Tuyet Ung VNG

The VNG Tuyet Ung Beauty Pageant is an opportunity for the community to meet these beautiful and talented players. Games in general and Tuyet Ung VNG are for them a moment of relaxation and entertainment after a stressful workday. This is also a place to connect and cultivate beautiful friendships from gaming to real life. Let’s chat with Miss Vietnam Talent 2017 Ho Phuong Linh, her close friends Su Xinh-Harley and the girl Kha Tu to understand more about them and the Tuyet Ung VNG community!

Talented beauty queen Ho Phuong Linh

In love with art since 2017, Phuong Linh got off to a good start when she achieved continuous success with two titles: Miss Vietnam Talent and Miss Lady’Night of the Academy of Finance in the same year. Taking advantage of the victory, during 5 years of artistic activity, she has challenged herself in different positions such as: model, catwalk instructor, participating in many beauty events as a guest and director.

Linh shared that she really likes vintage costumes, so she has invested and done many photoshoots with this theme. It seems that wearing traditional costumes from many countries helps her feel more deeply the beauty of women as well as the culture of other countries. The most special and proud thing for Linh is the moment when she wears the national costume: Nhat Binh shirt and the traditional ao dai.


Perhaps it is also because of his passion for historical costumes that Linh has a lot of sympathy for sword-themed games. This is also the reason why Linh chose to experience and accompany Tuyet Ung VNG. Miss Vietnam Talent 2017 is currently being played on S1-Thien Phi Thien. Although her personal schedule is busy, she still manages to participate in regular activities with her guild brothers, to “I am not left behind other players”.

Su Xinh and Harley: best friends from game to real life

Having become close and side by side through many games, close friends Su Xinh and Harley are currently overcoming difficulties together in Tuyet Ung VNG. What’s more special is when two S1 players also stood out by beating hundreds of contestants and were crowned First and Second in the first season of the VNG Snow Eagle Beauty Pageant.


First Beauty Su Xinh currently lives and works abroad. The fate that led her to Tuyet Ung VNG was thanks to her friend Harley’s invitation to her when the game had just been released. Both girls are known to be passionate and have many years of experience playing sword games. Tuyet Ung VNG immediately won over the Xinh not only because of the beautiful graphics but also because of the experience of it. “Fighting is fun and often ‘like’”.


He once shared the joy of showing the entire clan that getting married or not in the game is not important, what is important is knowing a lot of people. However, she soon realized that she was wrong to think that way. Because the group has 8 people playing together but only hers is single, every day I see everyone spouting her “salary” and I feel heartbroken. Her Xinh also said that although many of her friends introduced her, she still didn’t feel like she had met the right person. That’s why she decided to wait for the right person before agreeing to start a relationship. That’s just the story of the game, as for the relationship status in real life, we should let the guys connect and learn more about this First Beauty!

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Although she was the one who “dragged” Su Xinh into Tuyet Ung VNG, Harley herself stopped playing RPGs for a while. By chance, a group of friends invited me, so the whole group went for a walk together. As soon as she entered the game, Harley was extremely surprised by Tuyet Ung VNG’s graphics and character designs and quickly fell in love with the game from that moment on.


When participating in the VNG Snow Beauty Contest, Harley doesn’t focus too much on who is the prettiest or best, or what the prize is, but instead simply sees this as a community exchange, making many friends. That’s why the title of Second Beauty must have been a surprise gift for Harley, especially when she and her best friend Xinh were crowned in this contest.

For Harley, working side by side with friends to support her in the game is an interesting experience, but it’s also sad when someone stops playing for personal reasons. But fortunately, they all stay in touch in real life and are still willing to “party” together when the opportunity arises.

The young Ly Kha Tu

Kha Tu is named so because of the positive energy and joy that everyone can feel whenever they come into contact with this player. Although she has 26 pots of banh chung, Tu looks like an 18-year-old girl. Thanks to her outgoing personality, Tu not only quickly met the clan members, but she also helped the clan leader recruit countless beauties for the local team. When asked who was closest to her, she calmly listed her. “like Mr. Meo, Mr. Huy, Hai, Sat, Lap, little Ly, Mr. Soc, Mr. Gia… and many more”.


Speaking of playing skills, Tu admitted that he is still good. “Horrible Chicken PK”, You always have to scream for help when you are attacked. But thanks to being “protected” like this by my brothers, I can see everyone’s concern for me – said Tu.


Speaking candidly on the issue of fake love games, Tu said that he is not opposed because there are many couples who meet and get married in real life thanks to games. Meeting in the game is the same as accidentally meeting outside, the most important thing is the solid emotional foundation you build together. At the same time, I hope you can distinguish between games and life to build a civilized community of gamers.

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In addition to updating functions to provide various experiences for players, Tuyet Ung VNG also focuses on organizing many meaningful community playgrounds, creating conditions for the player community to come together. There is information that after the beauty pageant, Tuyet Ung VNG will organize a separate playground for Soi Ca. Let’s wait for the latest information from the publisher on the official website and fan page of the game.