Epic’s closed MOBA game has been revived

Epic's closed MOBA game has been revived

After the success of Fortnite eclipsed Paragon, Epic shut down the MOBA game’s server just two years after launching the beta version. However, Paragon will return after a four-year hiatus with a new title and publisher thanks to the game’s free resources on the Unreal Marketplace and an ownership deal with Epic.

The Paragon rework is titled Paragon: The Overprime and is being developed by studio Netmarble in Korea. The free title is currently in open beta until November 21. Paragon: The Overprime will be released on Steam and the Epic Games Store in the near future, though details on a release date have yet to be announced.

According to Paragon: The Overprime’s profile on the Epic Games Store, the title will function as a live service game once it launches, with new champions appearing over time. The title of the game has the following introduction: “We invite you to Prime, where the space opera of the symphony of heroes resonates throughout the universe.”

Epic made $12 million worth of Paragon resources free on the Unreal Marketplace when it shut down the MOBA game’s servers. Several other games have used Paragon assets in the past, but this is the first time Epic has licensed another studio to use the Paragon brand.


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