Evercore Heroes – When League of Legends and WoW meet

Evercore Heroes - When League of Legends and WoW meet

Evercore Heroes is the debut game from Vela Games – the studio was founded in 2018. The team includes veteran staff from Riot Games, Electronic Arts, Epic Games and Blizzard Entertainment – ​​big names with decades of experience creating multiplayer games. Vela Games’ debut product takes the foundation of the MOBA format and injects some flair from the PvE MMO genre to create something new, something that has never been seen before.


The game is a mix of traditional MOBA gameplay and MMORPG combat style. Players will compete against each other in teams of four to obtain resources, level up, and then fight bosses. The team that kills the boss the fastest will win. Each team will be divided into three classes: tank, DPS, and support, similar to WoW or FFXIV. Players will be able to choose their characters and customize their abilities from a wide arsenal of abilities, which means that each match will always have its own score with different competitors.

Vela Games has revealed 8 heroes and this number could increase when Evercore Heroes officially arrives as well as in further development of the game. Viewers can catch a glimpse of master archer Zari, shadow assassin Shade, mighty warrior Fyn, and healer Beko in the gameplay trailer. In addition, four other heroic faces are also revealed at the end of the trailer. These are Blink melee warrior, Remy healer warrior, Lotus mage, and Cynder.


The highlight of Evercore Heroes lies in the 100% PvE factor; Players go head-to-head and defeat monsters instead of players on the other team. This can help reduce toxicity between players while still being competitive. Evercore Heroes will enter the pre-alpha testing phase from October 13 to 16, interested readers can register to participate. here.

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