Everyone Loves Models: Striker Tien Linh’s Unconventional Friendship

Everyone loves models, striker Tien Linh is no exception

The Vietnamese national football team recently made history by progressing to the third qualifying round of the 2022 Asian World Cup. After their commendable achievement, the players are now back home, strictly adhering to a 14-day quarantine period. During this time, each player has found unique ways to keep themselves entertained. For striker Tien Linh, his choice of companion is rather surprising – he has befriended models.

When people find themselves unable to have close contact or conversations with others, models become their best friends. Tien Linh has always been open about his admiration for models, often sharing his preference with his fans. It seems that everyone shares his sentiment – the allure of models is impossible to resist.

Tien Linh’s bond with models is evident in the pictures he has shared. One snapshot showcases Tien Linh alongside his friends, models who have become an integral part of his life. In another image, Tien Linh proudly reveals that even as an adult, he brings his superhero and role models along during quarantine. These images show a different side of Tien Linh that fans may not have expected.

Amidst the quarantine period, Tien Linh and his teammates hope to utilize this time to practice and rest after a grueling series of competitions in the United Arab Emirates. The enforced isolation can be challenging, but with models by their side, the players find solace and inspiration.

In conclusion, Tien Linh’s unique friendship with models has brought comfort and companionship during their mandated quarantine. As the players continue to focus on their training and recovery, they look forward to the day when they can once again step onto the football field and make their fans proud.

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