Experience Epic War – one of the most promising FPS Play to Earn titles today?

Experience Epic War - one of the most promising FPS Play to Earn titles today?

With the wave of Play To Earn blossoming, the gaming community is receiving a lot of new products and the opportunity to earn money is not small. However, many of those games do not have the commitment of the development team, they almost only issue Tokens and then forget about the project. This creates “fictional” values, there are no games or products for the community to actually experience and enjoy.

But with Epic War being different, with a clear and sustainable development roadmap, the game also boldly allows the community to give direct input and feedback on the product. Fortunately, among those who have experienced the recent Epic War beta test, BBT would like to help readers get a better overview of this promising game.

About the gameplay in general, Epic War is an FPS game that integrates RPG elements and has 2 modes PvE and PvP. There, players will be able to engage in vast and extremely challenging battlefields, no less in scale than today’s most popular P2E titles.

Through Beta Test experience, Epic War brings quite vivid and realistic shooting mechanism. Each weapon comes with a compact, heavy hand, so players feel the recoil of every wave of fire. In the trial version, players can only experience the PvE environment with the main character surrounded by layers of monsters. Paired with a large map, this image really makes players think of the ancient legend of Serious Sam.


In terms of overall graphics, Epic War follows a realistic style with highly detailed character models and weapons. However, in return, the texture on the surface of the environment or the monster is still quite weak, not in keeping with the characters and weapons. In addition, the game settings are not yet intensively customizable, although at the High setting level, the game still maintains a stable fps level. This is understandable because it is still a test version, Epic War can still be improved in the future.

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Regarding technical errors, although it is only a Beta Test, it is surprising that Epic War does not seem to have many problems. During testing, players only encountered the iron sight of the weapon drifting off the center of the screen when switching between different weapon types. In later versions, the developer will definitely fix these little bugs and bring a more seamless experience for the players.

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