Extreme Brain Damage: When Love Tramples Esports

Extreme brain damage, trampling esports for love

Have you ever wondered what happens when a beloved novel gets adapted into a film? Well, “Falling Into Your Smile” is a perfect example of how things can go terribly wrong. Based on the novel by Thanh Nuoc, this movie project aimed to capture the essence of love, but instead, it managed to trample on the world of esports, leaving fans disappointed and furious.

Unrealistic Details and Disappointments

Right from the beginning, “Falling Into Your Smile” caught attention for all the wrong reasons. Countless unrealistic details filled the storyline, even going as far as sacrificing the integrity of esports to build a romantic context. For instance, Trach Tieu Van’s character, the second male lead, was willing to manipulate match results just to win the heart of Trinh Tieu, the female lead, who happened to be a member of the opposing team. Such a portrayal not only tarnished the reputation of esports but also left fans feeling betrayed.

A Fictional Reality That Hurts

In recent episodes, “Falling Into Your Smile” took it a step further, causing outrage within the gaming community and even among professional players. In one scene, a player’s girlfriend, standing offstage wearing a white shirt, nonchalantly uttered the words “losing a match is okay,” showing a complete disregard for the competitive nature of the game. It was as if her brain had stopped processing logical thoughts. Meanwhile, the player, upon seeing his girlfriend being “bullied” by a fan, abandoned his game, confront the fans, and carried his girlfriend, princess-style, even though she was perfectly capable of walking on her own. This absurdity left his teammates baffled, unable to fathom what had just happened.

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Extreme Brain Damage - Trampling Esports for Love

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The well-known Chinese streamer and commentator, Misaya (Nhuoc Phong), expressed his disappointment, saying, “When I first watched the few episodes, I found them far from reality and amusing. But now, I can’t bear it any longer. The screenwriter clearly lacks understanding of electronic sports. I can overlook that, but at the very least, please show some respect for this profession. The portrayal in the show may lead people who don’t understand esports to think that all players are like this. The reality is quite the opposite. After a loss, true professionals feel sad, even cry, and they will do everything in their power to win the next match. That’s the spirit of esports, and that’s what makes us love it so much.”

Misaya – Former famous Chinese League of Legends player, streamer and caster

Image source: capturingfantasy.com

The Fallout: A Bad Movie and Disappointed Fans

Despite featuring a cast of beautiful and famous actors like Hua Khai, Trinh Tieu, and Trach Tieu Van, “Falling Into Your Smile” has turned out to be a pretty bad movie. This is evident from the overwhelming number of reviews on Douban, China’s largest movie review site, where it has garnered only 1 or 2-star ratings.

If you’re a fan of esports, it’s hard to ignore the disappointment caused by “Falling Into Your Smile.” The movie’s unrealistic portrayal may mislead audiences about the true spirit of esports and the dedication of professional players.

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Remember, love stories are great, but not when they come at the expense of trampling on a beloved sport. It’s important to stay true to the essence of each form of entertainment, ensuring that both love and esports are given the respect they deserve.

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