Facebook Gaming: A Game-Changing Offer for Talented Streamers

Facebook Gaming Launches Big Offer to Recruit Talented Streamers Under Its Wing

Are you a talented streamer looking for new opportunities? Look no further! Facebook Gaming has just unveiled an irresistible offer that could change the game for you. In a bid to attract streamers and creators from the saturated Twitch platform, Facebook has launched a powerful weapon in the streaming war. And it’s all about putting the creators first.

A Generous Offer

Imagine receiving 100% of your followers’ earnings for the next two years. Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? Well, that’s exactly what Facebook is offering to streamers and creators who join their platform. This move was officially announced by the Facebook Gaming Director of Partnerships, Josh Maresca, on Twitter. The terms apply to partners, Level Up members, and all Facebook creators.

“We are trying to increase the number of creators and have finally decided to forgo all fan earnings from now until 2023. This means that creators will receive 100% of fan earnings when they subscribe on their desktop,” Maresca shared.

A Tempting Alternative

With the current largest streaming platform, Twitch, cutting up to 50% of creators’ earnings, Facebook’s offer is undeniably attractive. While Twitch may have the upper hand when it comes to live streaming features, Facebook leverages the difference in remuneration to entice famous streamers to their side. And that’s not all. Facebook is also promising its partners the ability to play licensed background music in their broadcasts in the near future. That’s definitely an advantage worth considering.

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Facebook Gaming Offer

Requirements and Challenges

However, let’s not overlook the requirements to qualify for this incredible offer. In order to display the support button on their page, creators must meet specific criteria:

  • 50,000 interactions or a total of 180,000 minutes of live viewing in the last 60 days.

While this offer may seem enticing, there is a catch. Director Maresca made it clear that this great deal only applies to donations made on desktop computers. This poses a new challenge for streamers since approximately 80% of Facebook users are mobile-only.

Capturing Fantasy at Facebook Gaming

To stay up-to-date with the latest news about the game, be sure to like and follow the Capturing Fantasy fan page on Facebook. With this exciting offer from Facebook Gaming, streamers and creators have a unique chance to maximize their earnings and expand their reach. So why not take the leap and join the revolution?

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