Facebook suddenly “flies” a number of accounts because sharing sensitive links confuses people

Facebook suddenly "flies" a number of accounts because sharing sensitive links confuses people

This drastic action by Facebook occurred late at night on August 17, when many Facebook users began to reflect on their personal accounts receiving the message “We have suspended your account” that they do not know why. As it turned out, this series of accounts violated the Community Standards of this social network, most likely related to sharing confidential links and clips about children.

All these accounts have the right to object, but there is still a risk of being permanently blocked.

Blocked accounts will be hidden from all other users of the Facebook platform and will also not be accessible (unless the appeal is successful). These unfortunate accounts will no longer find profiles of both friends and strangers, and even the message history of these accounts will be completely deleted.

The content of messages with blocked accounts will be lost like this.

Many people in the morning suddenly do not see their lover or friends anywhere.

The SE admin panicked because after one night the Fanpage blew up more than 1300 accounts.

These accounts are suspected of being “discolored” because they shared or were related to “sensitive” links and videos about children, and were targeted when Facebook scanned for violations of the copper Community Standards. “Child pornography” is a private and sensitive subject and is heavily criminalized by law in many countries, including Vietnam. That is why many giants in the technology industry such as Google, Apple, Facebook,…, are also applying many strong measures to prevent these bad contents from appearing on their platforms, protecting a clean and civilized user community.

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