Faker re-signs an official 3-year contract with the T1 team

Faker tái ký hợp đồng 3 năm với T1

Stating that Worlds 2022 is not the end for the player born in 1996, Faker re-signs an official 3-year contract with the T1 teamdecide to fight with your teammates with the “ultimate dance version”!

Faker re-signed a 3-year contract, continuing to accompany T1 in the new season.

The LCK transfer has just undergone a “blood change” of the top players in the world of esports, the situation of the LCK in 2023 will surely have many major changes, especially from prominent front lines such as DK, T1, HLE, KT Rolster, GEN.G,…

The past tense is probably the time when esports fans in general and Faker fans in particular are very confused and worried about what decision he will make next when he can’t see any lane movement. Even the dense live broadcast schedule of T1 shows that Faker fans are very worried that the Eternal Demon King will say goodbye to T1 in the new season.

As soon as the end of Worlds 2022, there were many rumors that Faker was being watched by many major players in League of Legends, a series of invites focused on this star mid laner.

Faker renews 3-year contract with T1Faker renews 3-year contract with T1

According to blix.gg, Liquid internally and FlyQuest planned to recruit this superstar player with a series of actions to show their interest in Faker. Furthermore, the Faker player is also not short of invites from a number of LPL organizations with extremely shiny brand value contracts.

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In the face of such dense information about Faker-related negotiations and transfers, if Faker fans say they’re not panicking, they’re lying! However, they always look forward to even the smallest announcements from the official T1 Twitter.

However, after many sources close to the collaboration with the Faker player, recently, T1LoL’s official Twitter account posted a notice. Faker renews contract for 3 years. However, the surprise here is that the contract between Faker and T1 is valid for up to 3 years, which means that this mid lane superstar will continue to accompany T1 and her teammates for the next 3 years.

Faker renews 3-year contract with T1Faker renews 3-year contract with T1

When informed about the Faker renews contract for 3 years When it broke out, there were many opinions that this talented midlaner would be exempt from military service, given his dedication to his country’s esports in general and the LCK in particular. But no matter what, Faker is always a shining name for the LCK, a League of Legends monument that will never fade in the eyes of fans and the epsort community.

Although the future is unpredictable, today we know that Faker has decided to continue accompanying T1, to continue fighting for the path of League of Legends with all his youthful passions. Not to mention, Faker is still a very talented mid laner, which is undeniable! And the Asian esports gold medal title will also make the esports community much more confident in the coming year.

T1 team ready for the new 2023 season

Faker renews contract for 3 yearsT1 lineup remains the same

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Also on the afternoon of November 28, after the announcement Faker renewed his 3-year contract, The T1 owner also announced the LCK’s debut lineup in 2023, including 5 names that are “no surprise” to fans:

Above: Zeus

Jungle: Oner

Medium: faker

AD: Gumayusi

Support: Keria

With the guidance of head coach Bengi, T1 promises to be the team that maintains the best form and advances in 2023. Congratulations to Faker, congratulations to the T1 members for maintaining the team, confidence, keeping calm and determination to win in the next stage!

Faker renews contract for 3 yearsCoach Bengi

LCK 2023 T1 promises to explode in the future

The Worlds 2022 finals just wrapped up thinking this would be the last time fans would see the duo Faker and Deft perform in the arena; when it comes to two names that have reached the age of duty.

However, after the latest LCK “blood change” with the same information, it seems that things are not as we thought. Gunner Deft cooperates with DKand now we have Faker renews contract for 3 years, it seems that the 2023 LCK promises to be much more explosive. Update information sport The latest on the gamer’s blog!

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