Fan Creates Hollywood-Quality Movie Based on Racing Game Masterpiece

Fan Makes Hollywood-Quality Movie Adapting Racing Game Masterpiece

Do you ever find yourself captivated by the immersive world of racing games? The thrill of exploring and discovering new horizons, the heart-pounding excitement of a flawless turn – it’s an experience like no other. But how do you convey the beauty and appeal of a racing game to someone who has never played it? One fan has managed to do just that with a mesmerizing home video that showcases the essence of the beloved Forza Horizon series.

Unveiling the Magic of Forza Horizon

Gage Allen, the creative director of Player One Trailers, is no stranger to capturing the essence of video games through breathtaking trailers. Having worked on titles such as Baldur’s Gate 3, Stellaris, and Crusader Kings 3, Allen knows a thing or two about creating captivating visuals. But his latest masterpiece, titled “This is Forza Horizon,” is a departure from his usual projects and a testament to his love for the countryside and racing.

The UK Countryside Through Four Seasons

“This is Forza Horizon” takes viewers on a cinematic journey through the picturesque UK countryside, showcasing the beauty of Forza Horizon 4 across all four seasons. From rolling hills to ancient stone walls, every frame is a testament to the game’s attention to detail. Allen’s latest short film encapsulates what makes the Horizon series so special in just three minutes.

Fan Creates Hollywood-Quality Movie Based on Racing Game Masterpiece

Bringing Forza Horizon to Life

What makes “This is Forza Horizon” even more impressive is that the majority of the footage was captured during random races of various cars. Allen relied on the drone camera in Forza Horizon 4 to capture the stunning visuals, overcoming its limitations to achieve the desired shots. It’s a testament to his dedication and passion for the game.

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“This project started as my pandemic project back in March 2020,” Allen shared. “After playing Forza Horizon 4 and falling in love with every aspect of it – the beautiful world, the events, the racing, the story, the online elements, and the race car gameplay – I was inspired to create something that showcases my love for cars and Forza Horizon.”

A Love Letter to Racing

“This is Forza Horizon” is not just a fan creation; it’s a love letter to the racing genre and the joy it brings to millions of gamers worldwide. Allen’s ability to capture the essence of the game through stunning visuals is a testament to his expertise and passion as both a gamer and a creative director.

So, if you’re curious about the magic of Forza Horizon or if you’re already a fan of the series, be sure to check out “This is Forza Horizon” and experience the beauty of the UK countryside and the thrill of racing in a whole new way.

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