Fans Alarmed as PewPew Nods Off During Live Stream

Fans were anxious and worried when PewPew suddenly fell asleep on the broadcast.

Have you ever been so tired that you dozed off in the middle of something important? Well, it seems even famous streamers like PewPew (Hoang Van Khoa) aren’t immune to a sudden bout of sleepiness. Fans were left in shock when PewPew unexpectedly fell into a deep slumber during a late-night broadcast on July 5, with over 2,000 viewers still watching.

The Unprecedented Snooze

As PewPew leaned back in his chair to catch some well-deserved rest, a sense of disbelief washed over the viewers. Many couldn’t help but wonder if something was wrong, speculating that he had fainted rather than just dozing off. The unprecedented situation had the fandom on edge, anxious about PewPew’s well-being.

PewPew suddenly fell asleep

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A Wake-Up Call

Thankfully, after a few minutes, PewPew stirred awake and resumed the stream as if nothing had happened. He explained that the recent workload had taken a toll on him, leaving him exhausted. PewPew was known for his marathon streaming sessions that could last up to ten hours, earning him a reputation as a dedicated content creator. Therefore, seeing him fall asleep in such a manner deeply saddened and concerned his fans.

Fans concerned about PewPew's health

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Prioritizing Health

Aware of the physical and mental challenges PewPew currently faces, fans sincerely hope that he takes more time to prioritize self-care and maintain his well-being. In the midst of the relentless Covid-19 pandemic, with its constantly unfolding complexities, it becomes crucial for everyone to safeguard their health.

Recently, the streamer has experienced a series of unfortunate events that seem straight out of a soap opera. From rumors of business failures and mounting debts to having to temporarily close the Sa Bi Chuong broken rice restaurant due to the pandemic, PewPew has faced his fair share of trials. And let’s not forget the incident where someone else registered and infringed upon his PewPew brand’s copyright. To top it all off, he even broke his leg while playing soccer with friends in Hanoi to blow off some steam.

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Soccer mishap adds to PewPew's woes

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Let’s hope that PewPew finds solace amid these trying times and emerges stronger than ever. As fans, all we can do is offer our unwavering support and wish him a speedy recovery.

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