Everything You Need to Know About New Game Plus in Final Fantasy 16

Everything You Need to Know About New Game Plus in Final Fantasy 16
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New Game Plus (NG+) in Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) is an exciting feature that allows players to replay the story with most of their progress carried over. In this article, we’ll explore what carries over to New Game Plus, the changes and additional features it offers, and how to unlock it. So get ready to embark on a new adventure in the world of FF16!

What Carries Over to New Game Plus?

When starting a New Game Plus save file in Final Fantasy Mode difficulty, you can expect the following to carry over:

  • Gear and Equipment that you have obtained previously
  • Unlocked Abilities from your previous save
  • Your Level and Experience progression
  • Gil, the in-game currency
  • Ability Points that you haven’t spent yet
  • Crafting Materials that you haven’t used
  • Progress in the Thousand Tomes
  • Medal of Valors that you have collected

It’s great to see your hard-earned progress carry over to provide you with an advantage as you dive into the story once again.

What Doesn’t Carry Over to New Game Plus?

However, there are a few things that don’t transfer to New Game Plus. These include:

  • Main Quest progression
  • Side Quest progression
  • Previously unlocked Fast Travel points and map progression
  • Items you have obtained, such as Consumables, Key Items, and Quest Items
  • Torgal’s abilities unlocked in your previous save
  • Hunt Board progression
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It’s important to note that these exclusions are mainly tied to story progression. While you can start New Game Plus with all the powerful Eikon abilities, you won’t have access to all locations right from the start. Additionally, side quest rewards such as Chocobos and recipes will need to be unlocked again during your New Game Plus playthrough.

New Game Plus Changes and Additional Features

One of the most significant changes in New Game Plus is the introduction of Final Fantasy Mode. This mode offers a more challenging experience for players who have cleared the story on Action Focused difficulty and are hungry for more. In Final Fantasy Mode, enemies become more powerful, with different formations and the possibility of appearing in unexpected places. You won’t be able to switch to other modes, making it a true test of your skills.

Furthermore, New Game Plus introduces additional features, including:

  • More Powerful Enemies: Enemies in Final Fantasy Mode are even more dangerous than before, providing a truly challenging combat experience.
  • Tougher Challenges: The Arcade Mode and Chronolith Trials receive upgrades with Ultimaniac Mode and the Final Chronolith Trials, respectively.
  • New Craftable Gear: You’ll have the opportunity to create powerful equipment, such as the legendary Ultima Weapon, which is exclusive to New Game Plus.

These changes and additional features enhance the replayability of FF16 and offer new content for players to enjoy.

How to Unlock New Game Plus

To access New Game Plus, you need to complete the game’s main story at least once. After finishing the main story, you can utilize your cleared save file to start a New Game Plus playthrough. You have the option to choose the same difficulty as before or take on the challenges of Final Fantasy Mode.

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It’s worth mentioning that unlocking New Game Plus is possible in either difficulty setting. If you want to start New Game Plus and Final Fantasy Mode quickly, it’s recommended to tackle your first playthrough using the Story Focused mode. On the other hand, if you prefer mastering the game’s mechanics, starting with the Action Focused mode is your best bet.

So, are you ready to dive back into the captivating world of Final Fantasy 16? Grab your gear, unlock powerful abilities, and embark on a thrilling adventure with New Game Plus!

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