Fight the game first, run the game later.

Fight the game first, run the game later.

It is currently the rainy season and many coastal countries often face flooding, including the Philippines. Floods have affected many towns in this country, countless houses, shops and restaurants are inundated by water. But for gamers, no matter how big the flood is, it can’t be compared with games.

On July 22, due to prolonged heavy rain, an internet cafe in the Rizal province of the Philippines was flooded. According to common sense, people should evacuate quickly to avoid flooding and ensure their own safety, but the guests of this Internet cafe are different. Those children calmly splashed around in the water up to their thighs to play without the slightest worry.

Mr. Sio Samson, owner of the Internet store, upon discovering this, immediately evacuated the children for safety reasons:

“I had no idea there would be flooding that day, so when I saw the children, I took immediate action and told them I had to move the equipment to a higher place. Those kids stopped playing after I finished filming the video. “We left and no one was hurt.”

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As you can see in the video posted by the owner of the store, the water has risen a lot, tables and chairs are floating in the water. Fortunately, the cables and plugs were placed high up so that no unfortunate electrical incidents occurred. However, it still has many potential dangers: if the store owner does not act promptly, it is difficult to say what will happen to these students.​

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