Fighting game in the Hololive universe

Fighting game in the Hololive universe

Besto Game Team has released Idol Showdown, a netcode throwback Hololive fighting game developed by Hololive fans themselves. Idol Showdown has landed on PC via Steam as a F2P game. The game currently has 8 characters, the developer says that at least three new characters will be released for free in the future.

Idol Showdown is a completely fan-made Hololive fighting game experience, provided with a netcode rollback. Players can control their favorite Hololive character in exciting duels and claim their idol status.

Main game features:

  • easy to control – Anyone can master the game’s easy-to-learn controls. Even Hololive fans who have never tried a traditional fighting game can find joy in Idol Showdown.

  • Grid code rollback – Besto Games has worked hard to develop the game’s online netcode rollback technique to provide the smoothest online gaming experience possible.

  • Immerse yourself in a Hololive experience – Explore the vast world of Hololive with a cast of iconic Hololive talent with moves inspired by their most memorable personality traits and moments. Enjoy remixes of many Hololive songs while you fight.

  • fast-paced matches – Hololive idols transform into the central warriors of the fighting genre with a unique twist. The chaos on the battlefield is intensified by lightning strikes.

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