Final Fantasy 16 will have 2 DLC and PC version

Final Fantasy 16 will have 2 DLC and PC version

Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy XVI will have two paid DLCs and confirmed that the PC version is officially in development. More details will be revealed later this year. Producer Naoki Yoshida said, “As I mentioned earlier, we received a wide range of feedback and reactions from the Final Fantasy XVI gaming community, the most prominent of which was a desire to learn more about Valisthea’s story and spend more time. with its inhabitants.”

Later, Mr. Yoshida officially announced that the development team has started working on two paid expansions and continues to share good news for those hoping to experience the latest Final Fantasy game on PC.


Finally, although Final Fantasy XVI was released exclusively for PlayStation 5, we know that many players have requested the PC version. Let me take this opportunity to officially announce that the development of the PC version is currently underway. I look forward to providing you with more information on both the DLC and the next PC version before the end of 2023.” Yoshida has previously stated that the developer does not plan to produce DLC for Final Fantasy XVI, but feedback from fans has led Square Enix to reconsider this.

In addition, a free update for the game was also released on September 3. The update brings alternate costumes for some characters, new Onion Sword weapon, and the ability to change Clive’s weapon shape while keeping the stats of the equipped weapon. .

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