Final Fantasy XIV suspends account sales to address server congestion

Final Fantasy XIV suspends account sales to address server congestion

Final Fantasy XIV director and producer Yoshida Naoki announced on the official blog that the company will suspend the sale and release of new free demos of this MMO until Square Enix deals with the current server situation.

Since the release of Endwalker, the latest expansion, FFXIV players have faced excruciatingly long queues to get into the game, as the servers are always packed. While that achievement is quite a big one for Square Enix, because this game has never been so “hot”, the congestion problem is hindering the development of FFXIV in particular and especially for an increasingly popular MMO.

On the official blog, Mr. Yoshida wrote, “We apologize for the continued congestion since Early Access and after the official release of Endwalker. It’s been almost two weeks since the start of Early Access, but players are still experiencing severe bottlenecks.” Regarding the temporary suspension of FFXIV account sales, Mr. Yoshida said, “Currently, players are experiencing long wait times due to dense game time far exceeding server capacity, especially during peak hours, so we have temporarily decided. We will discontinue the sale of FINAL FANTASY XIV Starter Edition and Complete Edition. In addition, we will also suspend new registrations for free demo accounts.”


If you don’t consider the server overload issue, Endwalker is a great expansion and continues to extend the popular Final Fantasy XIV series. Hopefully Square Enix’s earlier move will ease the overload and the game will be open to newcomers soon.

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