Forever Skies – the most popular and newest survival game on Steam

Forever Skies - the most popular and newest survival game on Steam

Forever Skies launched last month, and the game’s mysterious and somewhat dangerous setting has attracted a large number of fans of the survival genre. Forever Skies takes place on a post-apocalyptic version of Earth some time after humans left the planet. The absence of humanity has caused the planet that used to be Earth to become strange, like an alien wasteland, no longer the shadow of the blue planet as before.

A cloud of toxic dust has spread across the entire planet, leaving the surface uninhabitable. So, players must build a base in the sky to survive. In Forever Skies, players will be immersed in a vast underwater-like survival experience, searching for food and resources, researching and crafting new tools, and uncovering the mystery behind what happened on this planet.

The airbase serves as a vehicle and home. Players can customize their house to easily move around and explore ancient and dilapidated structures floating in the clouds like skyscrapers etc. Exploring places in the sky, a dangerous world below, and the ability to build vehicles at will, Forever sounds like Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom.

The title is currently in Early Access, but developer Far From Home promised that regular updates will be coming to Forever Skies starting this month. The next update will bring a useful item along with a bunch of balance tweaks, quality of life improvements, etc. Future updates will add co-op functionality.

Forever Skies launches on Steam as early access at £25/€30/$30.


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